Bonsai Plants Suggestion Engine

We've developed these recommendation based on the questions of nearly 180,000 bonsai customers that we've served in last few years. Hope, this helps in making the decision. :-)

Ficus Indoor Bonsai

If you're looking for indoor bonsai tree, easy to care and beautiful for living room, this is #1 go.

Ulmus / Elm Bonsai Tree

Outdoor, Woody Trunk Structure, Most Beautiful if you’ve budget around 2000 and above.

Flowering Bonsai Tree

Unique Flowering Bonsai Trees i.e. Carmona Bonsai, Bougainvillea, Azelea etc.

All Indoor Bonsai

Best suitable for your Living Room, Office, or any area where you get the indirect broad day light.


Looking for more suggestions

Bonsai Tree under Rs. 1000

Check out these beautiful Bonsai Tree & Plants (3-4 years old - 15-20cm in height) under Rs. 1000.

Bonsai Tree Rs. 2000-3000

Bonsai is like wine. Older the plant is, matured and beautiful it is.

Beautiful Air Purifying Plants

Fighting the polution or planning to gift someone? Choose from this collection.


What our Customers Says

#Amazing Customer Service #Fast & Safe Delivery #Super Healthy Plant & Bonsai Tree are some of the terms we have of often heard from our customers. See what they have to say.

“Abana Homes have been amazing in terms of delivery of the plants. I could never believe that the plants, especially the bonsai tree, can be delivered without any damange in 2 days to Bangalore. Awesome support too.


Nandini Raman


“Gardening is not tough when you have partners like Abana Homes & Neha especially at your disposal. Brilliant bonsai trees & plants and top notch help whenever you need.


Rohit Maurya


Right from the selection, then delivery, and then taking care of the plant - I'm always in touch with the customer sevice team and they had been very helpful. Really appreciate that,


Prof. Hussain

Mumbai & Calcutta

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