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Bonsai Planter & Bonsai Tray

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Choosing the right bonsai planter plays very important role in developing a bonsai plant. The bonsai planters vary in size, shape, depth and material. You can choose from Ceramic Bonsai Pots, terracotta bonsai pots, plastic bonsai pots & cement bonsai pots as well. The material of bonsai pot does not matter much except the look and feel of it. For bonsai training pots, we prefer to use the plastic grow bags and the low end deep bonsai pots as the growth in the beginning is quicker than in the later stage. After 3-4 years, you can choose from the ceramic bonsai pots.

Type of Bonsai Planters

Training PotsTraining Pots are grow bag pots or light plastic material pots. They can be used in the initial stage of growing a bonsai tree.
Plastic Bonsai PotsBest of first 3-4 years as the tree expands it root system and we need to change the pot frequently every 6 months.
Ceramic Bonsai PotsBest for trained bonsai after 3-4 years as the root system slows down. Good for indoor bonsai plants as they look pretty and serve as a home dรฉcor piece as well.
Bonsai TrayUsually bonsai tray comes in Ceramic, Clay and Plastic. However, practically we feel the bonsai tray is suitable for growing up bonsai like 4 years and above. Itโ€™s shallow and need experience to handle.
Terracotta Bonsai PotsTerracotta bonsai tree pots can be used in the outdoor bonsai plants & trees only. Since the terracotta bonsai pots soak the water, the outer surface of the pot starts eroding after sometimes. Hence, if kept for indoor bonsai, youโ€™ll need to clean it very often.
Bonsai Planter with TrayWe consider this as the best bonsai planter for indoor bonsai. The tray beneath the bonsai planter does let the water drops on the surface where you keep the bonsai tree. And by containing the water, it also acts as a humidity tray which eventually helps the bonsai tree in growing well.

How should you choose the bonsai planter?

  • For 1-2 years old bonsai โ€“ Use Grow Bag or the plastic bonsai tree pot.
  • For 3-4 years onwards old indoor bonsai โ€“ Use Ceramic bonsai pots, or ceramic bonsai planter with tray.
  • For 3-4 years onwards old outdoor bonsai โ€“ Use ceramic bonsai pots, or terracotta bonsai tree pot.

Important Point While Choosing the bonsai planter?

  • Drainage Hole โ€“ Whichever bonsai planter you choose, you should make sure that the pot has a drainage hole to drain the access water.
  • Depth of bonsai planter โ€“ Minimum depth you should take is 2.5 inches. Bonsai tree pot with depth less than 2.5 inches is more likely to lose the grip on the soil and the root system.
  • Size of the bonsai tree pot โ€“ If your bonsai plant is in the growing stage, it needs more soil and nutrients. So, you should choose deeper pot so that it can contain more soil mixture and allow more room for the roots to grow.
  • For indoor bonsai plants โ€“ The bonsai tree pot with bonsai tray is good. In case of no tray, you should create a DIY humidity tray and it helps the bonsai plant a lot.

Where to buy bonsai pot near me?

Bonsai tree pot or bonsai planter is not likely to be available at every pot shop. You need to choose the bonsai pots being sold in the name of bonsai planters very carefully regarding the size, depth and drainage hole. You can always buy bonsai pots online if it is not available in the nearby pot shop.

Bonsai Pot Price

Bonsai Pot range from Rs. 199 to Rs. 10000 and onwards. Plastics bonsai pots are much cheaper in comparison to the ceramic bonsai planter and bonsai tray.

Abana Homes Bonsai Planter Collection

Abana homes is one of the most recommended bonsai planter seller across India. You can buy bonsai pot designs here online.

If youโ€™ve any other specific requirement regarding bonsai planter, please feel free to let us know and we will be glad to assist you accordingly.

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