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Bonsai Tree for beginners

First time or experienced?

Caring and growing of bonsai tree is not difficult as it seems. All you need to understand your plant, it’s requirement and few basic things about the bonsai tree like watering, soil and climate etc.

Our team will help you take care of the bonsai right from the inception of the idea in your mind.

We don’t only sell the bonsai plants but also help you own them. So, feel free to choose and express your love.

Vinni Balyan – Founder of Abana Homes

Choose your bonsai freely from the collection below. All these bonsai plants are suitable for the beginners.

Got any question about the bonsai tree for beginners? Feel free to ask us.

We will discuss everything in detail as we move ahead. So, let’s start with understanding your bonsai tree.

Type of Bonsai Tree (for Beginners).

Mainly there are three types of bonsai tree.

Indoor Bonsai Tree for Beginners

If you are looking for bonsai tree for beginners, you should start with Carmona, Grafted Ficus and Pachira. Carmona bonsai belongs to the fukien tea family. It is a really good bonsai tree for beginners as it does not need advanced care but the basic one. You can follow the caring instruction for Carmona Bonsai Tree.

Basic care for beginners of Bonsai Tree.

How to water a bonsai tree?

  • Watering: Thumb rule of watering a bonsai tree is to check the soil with bare fingers. If you feel the soil to be wet, you need to wet until the soil goes dry. Then you should water it fully until the water starts draining out of the pot from the whole below. And then, repeat the cycle again when you feel the soil to be dry.

    Ideally, the indoor bonsai tree should be watered daily in summers and twice a week in winters.
  • Soil – Usually the soil is rich with nutrients when you purchase the bonsai plant. But after two-three months, you must enrich the soil.
    • Add some bonsai soil to it.
    • Use NPK 19:19:19 fertilizer to grow the foliage well. 2gm/liter once in every 15 days.
  • Location: Never place your bonsai right below the high speed fan or the AC Vents. This is the most common mistake people make while keeping the bonsai tree inside the house.
    • Place the bonsai tree in an airy location where it can get fresh air .
    • Natural Light – Though Carmona or any indoor bonsai tree can be kept inside the house for longer but placing it at a place where it can get some amount of natural light is a wise decision. Like near Balcony or the window. It helps in growing the foliage well.

Outdoor Bonsai Tree

If you are passionate about growing the bonsai tree, you should go for the outdoor bonsai tree. This will give you the real sense of growing a bonsai.

The most popular, robust and my personal favorite is Ficus and Chinese Elm.

Best Bonsai Tree for Beginners

These 4 outdoor bonsai tree for beginners are real marvel to start with.

Caring of Bonsai Tree for Beginners

Caring for outdoor bonsai plants is as simple as normal plants.

  1. Watering – Follow the thumb rule of watering a bonsai tree. Outdoor bonsai tree needs to be watered daily.
  2. Soil – Change the soil after every three months. Use Bonsai Soil or you can prepare the bonsai soil by mixing Akadama, Pumice, Lava rock, organic potting compost and fine gravel (grit).

    Check out this bonsai soil exclusively prepared for Bonsai Tree.
  3. Fertilizer – You can use NPK 19:19:19 for the growth of the foliage.
  4. Location – Keep your bonsai plant in an airy location where it can get the sunlight atleast half of the day.
  5. Pruning – After every 2 months, you should prune the bonsai tree so that the foliage and the branches can grow well.
  6. Repotting – Consider repotting the bonsai once a year. Here is nice video on how to repot the bonsai tree.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree is the mostly used bonsai tree found all over India. They are famous for their forgiving nature. They can grow in any amount of light and does not require excessive care. The structure and style of this tree will catch your attention. It has an S-shaped trunk with small green oval-shaped toothless leaves. You can keep them anywhere on your desk, balcony or room. It will look pretty anywhere.

Repotting a Bonsai Tree

Everyone has a first time in everything. Every first time prepares us for harder times. We always start with small things for higher achievements. Bonsai tree for beginners is the perfect beginning, which will give you immense love and care later on. There are many bonsai trees for beginners, that can make you proficient in bonsai nurturing. Bonsai tree for beginners is the perfect tree to begin, with the bonsai journey. They are forgiving to mistakes, resistant, and easy to look after. You don’t need to put extra effort and hard work in the nurturing of beginner level bonsai trees. There are minimal conditions required to take care of these bonsai trees. They are the absolute beauties without troubles, which adds to the style statement of your home.

Beginner level Bonsai trees are forgiving and faithful

Beginner level bonsai trees create mutual trust and understanding with you. They are like the teachers who have faith in every student so he doesn’t demoralize them. You will learn and improve through these bonsai trees. You grow every day along with the growth of these plants. It will increase your patience to enjoy its sweet fruit!

If you need any help while growing the bonsai tree, please feel free to contact our team. We, at Abana Homes, are passionate about the bonsai tree and gardening and will help you throughout the journey.

Checkout our basic caring guides for different bonsai plants here.

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