Chamaedeora Mini Palm

Mini Palm can be a great home decor and it says ” I don’t need you to care for me”. I am self sufficient to grow.

Just water me twice a week and I’m happy.

Mini Palms are great decorative piece.

Air Purifying Plants
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Mini Chamaedorea Palm is one of the most demanded indoor plants in India. It is attractive, easy to maintain, and makes for a perfect piece for home decor.

While you’d find a huge variety of beautiful indoor plants online, selecting one might be a little confusing. And if you are a beginner then, it might take you hours to browse the internet to look for a perfect plant. But wait! Why not begin with or add a Chamaedorea Palm? Shop Chamaedorea Mini Palm online from Abana Homes’s exclusive collection. These inexpensive plants are best for interior decoration, are easy to maintain, and keep you healthy by purifying the indoor air. 

What are the benefits of the Chamaedorea Palm Plant? 

Native to the Tropical region, Chamaedorea Palm has plenty of benefits that you wouldn’t have even imagined. Read on to find what goodnesses you’re missing already if you don’t have a Chamaedorea at home. 

  • Air-purifying plant

Chamaedorea Mini Palm is a natural air-purifier that filters xylene and toluene from the indoor air making it healthier and breathable for you. It comes in the top 10 indoor air-purifying plants and has been confirmed by NASA’s clean air study about its air-refining efficiency.

  • Best for home decoration

Medium-sized, upright with long & blooming fern-like leaves, this green mini palm plant is no less than an artistic element. It enhances the look of your home and makes it classy. You can put it anywhere, be it your living room, bedroom, or computer table, it looks just gorgeous anywhere. 

  • Easy to look after

Chamaedoreas are one of the most charming, enduring, and easy-care houseplants. It grows best in the mist & shady spots. It should not be put under direct sunlight and doesn’t need to be watered frequently.     

  • Heals & boost productivity 

It effectively purifies the indoor air, makes your home feel like soothing nature, and releases positive vibes that help you increase your productivity.

  • 100% safe for your pets and kids

Chamaedorea mini-plants are non-toxic that are not harmful in any way. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your pets or small children if you want to place them in your home. 

Where can I get a complete care guide of Chamaedorea Mini Palm?

Wondering how to care for your Mini Palm plant? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Here is the complete care guide you need to know. 

  • Light: Chamaedorea is a shade-loving plant. However, spots with indirect sunlight will be suitable for it to grow.
  • Watering: Like said before, it doesn’t need watering that much but water your Palm once the soil begins to dry out. Do not overwater. Rather spray water on its leaves with the help of a spray bottle. 
  • Temperature: This plant loves to be at an average indoor temperature. It is perfect for keeping inside your home or in the mini-garden where the temperature doesn’t rise above the average marking. 
  • Fertilizer: Use fertilizer with a weak solution during the growing season. 

Common problems you may face while growing a Chamaedorea Mini Plant?

  • Why is my Chamaedorea drying out?

Lack of moisture, over fertilisation, and excess heat. These can be the causes of your plant drying out. Keep it at a place where the temperature and humidity level is at average. 

  • Why are the leaves of my Chamedorea plant turning brown?

Chamaedorea plants thrive in low light so overheating and lack of moisture can cause the leaves to turn brown. You must keep the soil moist but should not soak it.

  • Why is my Chamaedorea Plant drooping?

Usually, these plants droop or wilt due to overwatering. Make sure you don’t water it too much. Once a week is enough for it to stand tall and healthy.