Spider Air Purifying Plants

Top Air Purifying Plant

Spider Plant is considered to be great air purifying plant.

Growth Plant – It grows well inside the house in the shed..

Low maintenance plant.

Spider Air Purifying Plants
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Bring good luck and positivity home with the charm of a Spider Plant. Chlorophytum Spider or the Spider Plant is a remarkable indoor plant and perfect for home decor. Easy to look after, it is certified by NASA for being an effective indoor air cleaner. The long, green blooming leaves with white streaks give it a unique look and make it perfect for hanging planters. So, what’s the waiting for? Explore our collection now and see what suits you the best.

5 Reasons Why Spider Plants Are One Of The Best Indoor Plants?

Looking forward to buying some plants for your home or office? You must have a look at why we’re recommending you a spider plant. 

  • Purifies indoor air

It comes in the top 3 air-purifying plants in NASA’s report. It treats harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and makes the air clean and breathable. 

  • Brings good luck

This beautiful plant is a Feng Shui and is considered to bring luck. Place it on the southeast of your home to bring positive vibes along with opening the doors of health, wealth, and prosperity. 

  • Safe for your pets and children

Spider plants are non-toxic for your pets. However, keep them away from the plant as eating its leaves may pose some complications.  

  • Easy to maintain

Some houseplants don’t need your attention at all. Spider plants are one of them. It can adapt and survive in any climatic condition. They can grow well in both bright and low sunlight. But, it is suggested not to leave them in direct sunlight as it can burn their leaves and cause them to lose the white streaks. 

  • Makes your home look nicer

The spider plant looks very appealing as an indoor plant. The leaves that outgrow from the plant and tail down the pot loosely make it too stunning to be a houseplant. 

Want to learn how to care for your Spider Plant?

Trust me! It is easiest. Just remember the points mentioned below. 

  • Lighting: Prefers to be in bright light but hates the direct sun. Too much sunlight can cause its leaves to lose their color.
  • Watering: Keep the soil moist and do not overwater. Water it less often in winters. Let the top half of the potting mix dry out before watering.
  • Repotting: Repot when it outgrows. Choose a bigger pot according to your understanding of the plant size.  
  • Fertilizer: Feed your plant once in 2 weeks with any fertilizer diluted to less strength. 

What problems can occur while growing a Spider Plant?

  • Why has my spider plant got brown tips?

Too much or direct sunlight can be the cause of brown tips. Relocate your plant to a shady spot and water it properly.

  • How do you revive a dying spider plant?

There can be many causes that your plant is dying. You can try repotting, relocating to another place where the light and airflow are suitable, and make sure that you’re not over/under watering it. 

  • Why are the leaves of my spider plant turning yellow?

Excess sunlight or over-fertilization causes the leaves to turn yellow. Rethink about the quality and quantity of the fertilizer and move your plant away from the direct sun.