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Bonsai Fruit Plants are the most sought bonsai trees. And Orange Plant is the first choice of any bonsai lover. Get your first bonsai fruit plant today.

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Introduction to Orange Bonsai Trees

The Orange Bonsai trees, originating from China are characterized by their white fragrant flowers, golf-sized orange fruits, green shiny leaves, and leaf stalks featuring wing-like appendages. The tree was introduced in the USA in the 1900s and is rapidly becoming one of the famous choices among Bonsai-enthusiasts.

Starting from 1 foot, the orange bonsai tree can grow up to 10 feet under ideal weather conditions. The miniature size of the orange plant aids in conveniently placing it inside homes for adding a touch of natural decor and experiencing the high-end artistic style.

Orange Plant is a treat to look at during its full-blossom stage when the fruit and the flower appear at the same time making it look stunning. The orange fruit bore by the Orange Plant is edible and can be used for making juice, dessert, snacks, etc.

The Orange Plant is a low maintenance plant that requires very little attention and care and therefore it is highly recommendable for beginners and busy individuals who enjoy gardening.

Why should someone buy this?

  • Creates a calming environment in your home
  • Best known for positive effects on one’s health
  • Adds a touch of aesthetically pleasing natural appearance
  • A symbol of harmony, peace, and balance

Artistic trees with miniature design make a great present

What Makes Orange Bonsai Tree Special

The bonsai tree with edible oranges and marvelously fragrant white flowers ticks all the boxes for aesthetically pleasing appearance and practicality. The golf-sized miniature oranges produced by the tree not only serve ornamental purposes but can also be used in the kitchen as an ingredient.

How to take care of Orange Plant?

Ideal Weather Conditions for Orange Bonsai Tree

Being a tropical tree, The Orange Plant loves warm temperatures, so you can keep it on your balcony, terrace, by the window, etc where it can get enough sunlight. Orange Plant is most ideal for the Indian weather climate where there is plenty of heat and sunlight for the perfect growth of the plant.

Temperatures around 50-degree Fahrenheit and south-facing placement are most preferred in the case of orange bonsai.

Watering The Orange Bonsai Tree

The Orange Bonsai Tree needs to be watered sufficiently since it is placed under the sun. Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out and water it daily during the summertime and alter the frequency as required with changing seasons.

Fertilizing your Orange Plant

Since your Orange Plant is being grown in a small pot instead of the ground, it is important to replenish the soil by adding nutrients to it. You can opt for liquid fertilizer that is soluble in water and should apply to the bonsai once a month.

Pruning or Trimming of The Bonsai

Orange Bonsai Tree requires periodic pruning and trimming to adhere to its miniature size. It is advised not to remove all the new growth for the healthy life of the Orange Plant but you can trim the bonsai from the sides that also aids in the thickness of the trunk.

Repotting The Bonsai Tree

Repotting is an important step of maintaining the bonsai as it helps in retaining the miniature shape. For tropical plants, it should be performed every 4-5 years or whenever you see the roots coming out from the pot’s bottom.

The bonsai should be safely removed from the pot while keeping the soil intact and then cut no more than 1/3rd of its root mass. After this, repot the bonsai in the same pot and finish the process by watering it thoroughly.

Like any other normal tree, Bonsai trees are also subjected to pest attacks. The Orange Bonsai trees are prone to spider mites, scale, leaf-miner fly, mealy bugs, and vine weevils. However, you can deal with them like regular trees while keeping their miniature size in mind.

Provide them with gentler treatment and use the pesticides in small quantities for dealing with insects, pests, or diseases. It is also possible that weeds can grow in the plot plant, so you should also remove them regularly for the healthy growth of your orange bonsai tree.