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adenium plant

Adenium Plant – Desert Rose Plant

Buy Adenium Plant – Desert Rose Plant Send Unique Gifts 🎁 Bonsai Plants Online, 2-5 Days Free Shipping in India. 100+ Types of Bonsai Tree 🌴. 1,50,000+ Plants Delivered.

eco friendly gifts

Bonsai Plants – Eco-Friendly Gifts for All Occasions

People have started to transform their lifestyle to a more renewable front. The concept of zero-waste is brought into practice as eco-friendly products are gaining prominence. In fact, the act of buying eco-friendly gifts is a beautiful way to reduce wastage and doing your bit towards conserving the environment.  You will be surprised to know […]

Template Best Plants

Top 10 Indoor Bonsai Plants & Trees #1 Ficus Bonsai Tree 4Y Old Good For: Outdoors locationo where it can get good amount of sulight Why Good For: What People Say #1 Ficus Bonsai Tree 4Y Old Good For: Outdoors locationo where it can get good amount of sulight Why Good For: What People Say […]

Houseplant for modern homes India

Why are Houseplants Important for Modern Homes?

You can beautify interior spaces most simply and effectively by adding houseplants. Living organisms within the closest surroundings are a smart choice as they function as a natural air purifier. With a hint of greenery in your garden, balcony, or living room, you get to remove almost 87% of air toxins in 24 hours, as […]


For Beginners : Ficus, Elm (Ulmus) are the most recommended bonsai plants for beginners as they are rock solid, woody, and long lasting. They need less care as compared to other plants. If you’re starting out, go for FICUS without a hitch. It’s the best and EVER GREEN. Checkout Ficus Bonsai Here and Chinese Elm […]

bonsai tree in hyderabad

Bonsai Tree in Hyderabad

Bonsai is an age-old art to preserve the nature’s beauty into a confined place. Bonsai trees add the right life you need in your home. A bonsai plant can add the perfect depth to your living place. These bonsai trees are grown beautifully and stand out amongst other plants. These plants need a little care […]


Collection of 100 Awesome Bonsai Plants in India that you can actually own in your budget. Have a look.

New Arrival Plants In India

New Arrival Plants in India

Abana Homes is committed to bring new arrival plants always to you. Here is the list of some new imported bonsai plants and other new products launched in this month. Gift New Arrival Plants to your loved one. You can never go wrong by devoting plants into the special folks in your own life. No […]

Bonsai Tree in Chennai

Bonsai Tree in Chennai

Best Bonsai Tree in Chennai Bonsai trees are the perfect beauty with brains. They are a mixture of beauty and intelligence. Bonsai plants will bring less stressful days and more beautiful beginnings. You will feel optimistic to face all the challenges of your life. When you work with a relaxed mind, it gets better. The […]

[Video] Ficus Bonsai Care & Pruning

In this video I talk about the Ficus Retusa. Growing indoor bonsai has become very popular and for some people bonsai is just about indoor trees. One of most successful indoor bonsai trees is the Ficus Retusa, they grow well and they like a slightly warmer temperatures than many of the other indoor options (like […]

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