How to water your bonsai when you are away?

Plants do need water and food as we do. No matter whether you’ve time for them or not.

I get many SAD information from our clients that the plant died when they were away for a week or so. They could not water it and when they returned home, the leaves were dry.

Bonsai Plants are hardy plant and hard to kill but yet they can die if you don’t water them on time.

So, here are a few methods to ensure that your plant gets proper water and nutrition while you are away from home.

You can adjust the water leakage according to the plants need but the basic arrangement remains the same. These watering of plant while you are away or travelling works for a week time.

So you can be worry free.

Checkout the video and let me know in the comment box about how do you make the arrangements to water your plants when you are not home or on vacation.