Ficus Bonsai

Ficus Bonsai 

The Ficus belongs to the family of mulberry plants or Moraceae. Ficus bonsai is the most popular indoor tree for bonsai beginners. They are found on every continent in the tropic regions and are very suitable for indoor Bonsai.

Ficus bonsai are suitable for indoor growth. Because they can tolerate poor humidity levels and poor light levels that prevail in our centrally-heated homes. They are able to tolerate poor humidity levels and dry air with their thick waxy leaves.

It should be noted though that Ficus will not grow well in poor conditions. They should be given as much light as possible to encourage strong growth.

Types of Ficus Suitable for Bonsai

Ficus Salicifolia (Narrow Leaf or Willow Leaf Fig)

These are small, narrow leaves that produce great branch ramification. They are capable of producing good basal rootage. An excellent aerial root gives charming look. Ficus salicifolia has a habit of dropping leaves under stress. Hence, keep them in ideal growing conditions.

Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig)

This type of Ficus has oval, thin leathery leaves. It has a habit of not taking reduction. Hence, make a reduction of trunks and branches gradually. When under stress, they defoliate easily.

Ficus Retusa (Chinese Banyan)

Ficus Retusa has oval, glossy, dark-green leaves. They are up to 10cm long. These can reduce with ease. The Chinese Banyan is probably the classic Ficus for bonsai especially favored for its ability to regenerate from very hard pruning.

Ficus Macrophylla (Morton Bay Fig)

Ficus Macrophylla has glossy, dark-green leaves. They produce small red/orange flowers. These Ficus plants rarely drop their leaves. Also, they can withstand heavy pruning.

Ficus Rubiginosa (Port Jackson Fig)

Glossy, dark-green oval leaves, again vigorous growing Ficus. They readily produce aerial roots under favorable conditions.

Ficus Retusa ‘Green Island’ (Green Island Fig)

A variety of Ficus retusa is most commonly seen. They are similar to the previous type but are less tolerant to low light levels and poor humidity which can lead to the loss of leaves.

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