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Best living room plants

Green plants are an incredible way to liven up the aura of the living room. It’s time for the Best living room plants if you’re eager for a change. Plants are an ideal pick for your mental and physical health and make a room feel more pleasant and welcome.

Greenery, in general, brings life to any area, but this is especially true in living rooms. After all, this is the area of the house where you spend most of your time. Bringing the beauty of the outside inside is as simple as adding a few living room plants here and there.

You can easily enjoy the glossy and splash of greenery into your space by having these plants. Usually, living room plants are easy to care for and won’t trouble you that much. You can place them on corner tables, center tables, sofas, or side tables.

Some of the best living room plants

  • Radermachera Bonsai Plant
  • Good Luck Jade Plant
  • Carmona Indoor Bonsai Tree
  • Jade Bonsai Plant
  • Chamaedorea Mini Palm
  • Air purifying plants
  • Sansevieria Hahnii – Snake Plant
  • Serissa Mame Bonsai Plant
  • Money Plant Golden Pothos
  • Pachira Money Tree
  • Ficus Bonsai
  • ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)
  • Fiddle leaf fig 
  • Ginseng Ficus Plant
  • Aloe Vera

Care instructions for best living room plants

  • They don’t even require much light, preferring to sit close by the window and soak up the rays.
  • South-facing windows, where the most concentrated light is available, are ideal for placing them in bright light. Windows that face east or west are also excellent.
  • They require less watering. Water only when the top layer of soil is slightly dry.
  • Some of the plants adore high levels of humidity. You can maintain high humidity by placing a tray filled with pebbles and water.
  • Feed them organic fertilizer in their growing season.
  • You can cut off the dead or unhealthy leaves for development.
  • Once the plant outgrows the existing container, you can repot them into a new large container or pot.
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