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Ficus Plant Indoor Bonsai 4 Yrs Old with Figurine
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Ficus Plant Indoor Bonsai 4 Yrs Old with Figurine

1,150   Ships Tomorrow

  • Beautiful Ficus Plant – 4 Years Old Bonsai Tree
  • Indoor Plant in Ceramic Pot (Pot my vary as per availability )
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Best of gifting.
  • Beautiful Ceramic Monk Figurine. ( figurine may vary as per availability )
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Free delivery and our 30 days, no questions asked returns policy. Lightly worn shoes get donated to charity.

Care Guide

Pull out the insoles and laces. Put them into a delicates bag and place them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water with your favorite mild detergent. When washed, shake off any excess water and let them air dry.

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  • Can I include a message note?
  • Yes, you can mention the message on checkout page in the “notes” section, and we will include your message in the box on a message card.

  • Can you show the picture of the plant that I’ll get?
  • Yes, of course. Here is the process for that. While placing the order, you can mention in the notes that you would like to see the plant before shipping. Our team will send you the picture on WhatsApp. Upon confirmation, the plant will be shipped. Note: that this process two more days than normal to ship.

2 reviews for Ficus Plant Indoor Bonsai 4 Yrs Old with Figurine

  1. Rashmi Agrawal (verified owner)

    Gifted this plant to a senior yesterday. I was initially worried about how the actual plant will be, but I got an excellent plant, with the same figurine shown here. The services of Abana homes were excellent. They readily did all I wanted and really made my experience wonderful! Thank you Abana.

  2. Sumit Gupta (verified owner)

    Ordered this plant for my boss as his birthday gift, and he loved it. Thank you Abana Homes 🙂

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Ficus Bonsai Plant is one of the most loved bonsai tree in India for many reasons. Ficus Plant is a variety of ?Fig? or most popularly known as Banyan Tree in India. You may have heard about the banyan tree as sacred plant. This variety of ficus plant is called Ginseng. It is created by grafting two plants into one and making a unique bonsai plant with fat trunks and green branches. Ficus Bonsai Plant for Beginners It is an excellent tree for beginners, as most species of Ficus Plant are fast growers, tolerant of most any soil and light conditions, make fine indoor bonsai, and perhaps most importantly, are remarkably forgiving of those just learning ficus bonsai watering techniques. Your Ficus Bonsai Plant thrives while windowsills stay dry and debris-free. A tray can also be used outdoors to improve conditions in dry or windy sites. Air-Purifier Ficus Bonsai Plant By absorbing harmful gases like Xylene, Toulene and Formaldehide, the bonsai plants work as great stressbusters and air purifiers. (A study of interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement: an interim report. NASA July, 1989.) Why should you buy Ficus Bonsai Plant? >Ficus Plant is Perfect Option for Home Decor/Office/Corporate Gifting >Easy to Grow in Living Room and Low Maintenance Bonsai Plant. >Indoor and Outdoor Both ? You can grow grafted ficus bonsai plants in balcony as well as living room. >Air-purifying property of the plant is really awesome.

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