Rubber Plant Bonsai 5 Yrs with Buddha Pot
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Rubber Plant Bonsai 5 Yrs with Buddha Pot


  • Best Indoor Bonsai Tree for Home Decor as it is easy to care and look beautiful with its shiny leaves .
  • Easy to care – Able to adapt to and endure lower light conditions and generally poor treatment.
  • The rubber plant is a beautiful house plant it is all about having a small tree indoors with broad shiny attractive leaves.
  • Air purifying property of rubber plant makes it a great choice to add in your.
  • Ideal for Living Room, Bed Room, Office – Grows in Low Light Area as well.
  • Comes with a beautiful buddha ceramic pot. Expected plant height 20-25 cm


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Abana Homes


Pot Material



Anniversary, Birthday, Love, Office

Plant Age

5 Years

Plant Size

25 cm





About Rubber Plant Bonsai Tree

If you are looking for the best indoor bonsai tree, super low maintenance, buy-n-forget bonsai plant for your home, this is the one and only piece. Rubber plant is called ficus elastica or rubber bonsai tree.

Suitable for: Indoors, Low light condition as well.

Watering: Twice a week in summers, and once a week in winters.

Fertilizer: NPK 19:19:19 – Bonsai Smart Food


  • Keep it in the well lit room. It’s low light tolerant as well. But don’t expose to the sun light.
  • Rubber Plant bonsai tree likes normal room temperature between 15 to 25°C.
  • Watering is needed when the soil is dry, but not abundantly and always with water at room temperature.


This is a rubber plant bonsai tree. If you are looking for a baby rubber plant, you can check this out.

FAQs about Rubber Plant Bonsai Tree

1. Does this rubber plant bonsai tree comes with pot?

This rubber plant comes with a beautiful ceramic pot. The size of the pot is around 8 inches x 4 inches. This rubber plant bonsai is one of the signature bonsai plants from the house of Abana Homes.

2. Does this rubber plant bonsai tree comes with Soil?

Of course. The rubber plant bonsai comes with appropriate amount of soil. The soil is well fertilized before sending it to you. All you need is to take the plant out of the box and water it and place it in the good airy and shaded location (to avoid direct sunlight) like balcony. And it will settle down for a week time. After that you can keep it inside the house.

3. How much sunlight is needed?

Rubber plant is good without direct sunlight. So preferrably you should place it inside the house or in the shades where it gets the indirect light. NO DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

4. How tall this plant can grow?

Rubber plant can grow upto 5-10 feet in height. However, this is a bonsai variety of the rubber plant. Hence, you should keep trimming the bonsai tree so as to maintain the shape and the size. As a bonsai, you should not let it grow more than 2 feet in next 20 years.


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