Serissa Bonsai Plant for Sale
Serissa Mame Bonsai Plant With Exposed Roots
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Serissa Mame Bonsai Plant With Exposed Roots


  • Beautiful looking unique bonsai plant.
  • Evergreen.
  • Indoor as well outdoor. While keeping indoors, please ensure good amount of light.
  • Great for skilled bonsai hobbyist as you can give it any shape and size you want.
  • Prop Root Bonsai comes With a Plastic pot of 5 x3 inches

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Plant Age

4 Years

Plant Size

15 cm

Also known as Snowrose or Tree of Thousand Stars or Japanese Boxthorn. Serissa bonsai is one of the most favorite smalll bonsai (table top) for many bonsai lovers. Due to it’s low maintenance nature, you can keep growing it as per your design.

How to take care of Serissa Bonsai?

  • Location: Don’t keep it in the dark room. A well lit room or the porch etc will help the plant grow well.
  • Watering: This is where most of people go wrong. Water -> Wait for the soil to go dry -> Water again. This is the cycle you need to follow. In Summers, everyday and winters, every alternate day or in three days.
  • Fertilizing: Never fertilise Serissa with hard chemical fertiliser. Use soft vermi-compost.