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Banyan Bonsai Tree

Banyan Bonsai tree is a mystical and majestic trees. The Roots of the bonsai banyan trees lead to a curved structure, which makes it more magnificent. It is in high demand.

Check out this banyan bonsai tree named The Blessings.

banyan tree bonsai
The Blessings – Banyan Bonsai Tree

The Blessings

An unique banyan tree bonsai – developed by Artisan – Virendra.

Only available in Delhi NCR due to its large size.

10+ years old bonsai tree.

Shippable Banyan Tree Bonsai across India

Our team is working on a few more banyan tree bonsai that are shippable across India. They range from 25cm-40cm in height and 4-6 years in age. We will start shipping them by end of September 2021.

If you are looking forward to have those bonsai trees, you can join the waiting list below.

Other available banyan tree bonsai

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Check The Exotic Bonsai Collection Here.

A banyan bonsai plant is an art that will make you the artist. It is rare to find, but a brilliant piece for home decor It is rare to find, but a brilliant piece for home decor.

Banyan Tree Bonsai Care Explained

SunlightMost Ficus Trees enjoy full sunlight. Banyan also comes from the same family. So you can keep the plant in the balcony or on the terrace or in the garden where it can get decent sunlight.
WateringThumb Rule for Watering a Bonsai Plant
Check the upper layer of the soil. If it is wet, Don’t water the plant. If you the soil is dry then you need to water it fully. Usually, in summers, you should water it everyday, and in winters, you can water the plant twice a week.
SoilRich, humusy and well-drained soil.
TemperatureFicus trees also cannot tolerate low temperatures or drafts. They need to be kept in temperatures above 60 F. (16 C.) and actually prefer temperatures above 70 F. (21 C.).
FertilizerFeed with slow-release fertilizers in the beginning of the growing season. Fertilize once a month in the spring and summer and once every two months in the fall and winter.

Where to buy banyan bonsai trees?

You can find the bonsai tree in any nursery and groom it for years to make a bonsai. or you can get a well groomed banyan tree online here.

How to take care of a banyan bonsai tree?

Taking care of banyan bonsai is not a difficult job. Banyan bonsai are quite hardy and can generally adapt to various climatic conditions. They should be kept in warm conditions. When you water the plants, water it along with the soil. Try protecting the new aerial roots which are coming out. Keeping heavy foliage because leaf cover is important for aerial roots. Try keeping a proportion between the leaf size and tree size. Cut away the undesirable aerial roots without cutting off their branches. Lastly, try to keep the tools of the tree clean.

Banyan Tree Bonsai Special Feature

Ariel Roots

Ficus Trees are loved for their sound build and aerial roots. You can see them every where on internet and in exhibitions. Often combined with the stones and Gautam Buddha Idol, this bonsai tree makes a perfect home dΓ©cor.

How to grow aerial roots in banyan bonsai tree?

To grow aerial roots in bonsai tree, you need to maintain a complete humidity situation around the plant by covering its trunk or creating a greenhouse effect. You can use a glass cover, fish tank or a construction with transparent sheets for this purpose.

The Bodhi Tree – A ficus religiosa.
If you’ve ever thought of this, you are right. The infamous Bodhi Tree is a variance of Ficus religiosa and this is the closest tree to the original Bodhi Tree species.

Tiger bark ficus bonsai plants

This is a banyan style tree. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. It is a hardy tree with aerial roots. As it is a hard and old tree, it adapts to various conditions. It is a native plant of tropical Asia. You can find it in banyan bonsai online or in banyan bonsai nursery. It’s a variety of ficus tree bonsai.

Ficus Benghalensis plants

Ficus Benghalensis is the “true banyan” and also native to Indian Subcontinent. It suits indoor. It has aerial roots and a woody trunk. The roots make it impossible to figure out the trunk. It is pure majestic beauty.

You can easily get banyan bonsai online or you can get it in banyan bonsai nursery. You can also create one on your own as it is not difficult to create at all.

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