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Bonsai Designed by Abana Homes

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Limited Stock Bonsai – Serissa Mame.

serissa mame bonsai

Sessisa Mame Bonsai with Exposed Roots

  • Beautiful looking unique bonsai plant.
  • Evergreen.
  • Indoor as well outdoor. While keeping indoors, please ensure good amount of light.
  • Great for skilled bonsai hobbyist as you can give it any shape and size you want.

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We revise this list every month based on the current trend of what people are buying. Hope you might get the help from here.


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Clay Cookware – Organic Living

Adopt Sustainable Living Products from Artisans in India

During Pandemic thousands of artisans fought for their livelihood. We extended the warm welcome to them to support their living by buying their products. These clay cookware are great to cook food in and comes with healthy benefits.

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abana homes reviews

Plant packing: A++
2. Plant Quality: A++
3. Online Support (whatsapp): A++
4. Information in Social Media and website: Excellent
5. Logistics and Supply chain: Excellent
6. Customer service: Delighting experience




Nothing like Abana Homes I’ve experienced. they are fabulous. I started with one bonsai tree and now I have 4 of them. Experienced Staff and healthy bonsai plants. I can vouch for them. Great work in delivering the bonsai and helping me keep growing it. Highly recommended!




Iโ€™ve started believing to buy plants online. Thanks to you guys (especially Neha). Great knowledge about bonsai tree. Beautiful and healthy plant. She helped me not only in keeping the bonsai but tones of other things related to my garden. If youโ€™re reading this, go for it.. donโ€™t doubt for second even.



Loyal customers, they donโ€™t just come back, they donโ€™t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

Our customers share their experiences with Bonsai Tree from Abana Homes

Bonsai is an art, healthy hobby.

Bonsai Plants need engagement from you in watering the bonsai plant, pruning, caring about it everyday, ensuring that there is no harm to the plant etc. Scientists have observed that caring for bonsai plants disconnects your from the day-to-day worries for a good 15-20 min or an hour per week. And this is really helpful for cognitive intelligence, mental health and the brain.

Bonsai Plant is an investment like Green Gold.

With increasing age, the price of bonsai plants increases rapidly at the rate of minimum 12% per year. Hence, it multiplies the money better than your fixed deposits. ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting? Share it.

Bonsai Plants Teaches Life Skills

My daughter is learning discipline and a sense of creating something beautiful. ~ Sanaya Sharma

My husband gifted me a 10 years old bonsai tree on our 10th anniversary. My daughter and I took interest in growing it. Surprisingly, I can see a discipline being developed in her to water the plant. She also remembers that the bonsai needs food to grow and we need to put fertilizer after a month. 

She literally maintains this in her school diary. Great thing I found is that she is getting the concept that beautiful things grow slowly and take time like investment. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am loving it.

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Dr V T Sathyanathan
Dr V T Sathyanathan
07:16 25 Jul 21
Wanted to get details on the bonsai before I go for buying. Had an on line chat. It was very informative and... professional. The person was so patient and went though my long chat and gave all details. I am very much satisfied and more
Raghav Srivastava
Raghav Srivastava
06:53 19 Jul 21
These guys will surely exceed your expectations in every possible way be it the packaging, post delivery care or the... quality of plants.They even went out of their way to send the pictures of the plants before shipping on a special request as I wanted to make sure that the plants were as displayed.Hope you keep up the great more
Nishanth Sarma
Nishanth Sarma
12:02 18 Jul 21
The one of the only truly five star customer service I have experienced in my 15 yrs of online purchase. Superb... packing, quality of plant and customer serviceread more
Bharath Kalyanram
Bharath Kalyanram
12:32 15 Jul 21
Just got my bonsai Chinese Elm from Abana. Beautiful!! Great addition to my collection. First time purchase of a Bonsai... - though I have been growing my own. Very happy with the service and extremely well packed. Being a plastic pot - it was cracked in transit. Will repot after a few more
Kansal's R
Kansal's R
14:40 22 Jun 21
I have received a plant in ultimate condition. Till now the service is wonderful.
smita sawant
smita sawant
06:05 18 Mar 21
I am a proud owner of carmona bonsai from Ababa homes for 6momths now.I must admit that all throughout I recieved great... assistance from Ababa homes regarding d care of my plant. It's a great feeling to see d plant bloom with tiny white flowers.My suggestion to bonsai lovers... Give it a try it's worth it!read more
Geetha Shetty
Geetha Shetty
04:21 09 Mar 21
I received a healthy plant yesterday and I'm very happy about the plant and the packing too !! Thank you so much Abana... Homes !read more
Biju Koileriyan
Biju Koileriyan
17:54 24 Feb 21
Received the Bonsai tree in a good condition. Excellent packing and delivery service. Actually earlier I had my doubt... on buying Bonsai online. I am very satisfied in my first order with Abana Homes. Looking forward for more additions to my collection and their guidance and more
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