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Finding a Gardening Blog for Guest Post is not that difficult today but finding the good one is really tough.

Why Guest Contributions Hold significant value?

Our philosophy

We’re passionate gardeners who happen to have an eCommerce business with more than 200,000 customers across India.

And we care for our customers who are our blog readers too.

Therefore, we are picky about our content strategy. We accept less than 10 guest posts per month which means the value of outgoing links is very high.

Some Stats for Journalists

  • Rising Trend of Gardening
  • Consumption by Area
  • Market Data for media and Investors

Some Traffic Stats [Updated March 2023]

  • 79K monthly visitors distributed across all pages.
  • Every visitor goes through 1.6 pages per session. And that’s way more than the industry standards.
  • Every blog gets distributed to nearly 10,000 users at least one in the first month. So, you get significant traffic as well.

SEMRush Data

Our Approach

 We publish very well researched, and written relevant guest contributions. We invite real bonsai enthusiasts, gardeners, and journalists to write for us about the following topics.

Contributors guidelines

Areas where you can contribute to our blog

  • Gardening but not limited to plants, fertilizers, care guides, accessories & tools etc.
  • Home Décor but not limited to everything under home & garden utility or decoration.
  • Hobby Blogs
  • Real Estate Blogs
  • Agriculture
  • And eCommerce

Not sure if you fall into this? Fill the form below anyway. We will look into that.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

  • A minimum of 1200 words of guest post.
  • Topic will be given by our team.
  • One d0follow reference article link will be included.

How to become a guest blogger and write for us?

  1. Fill out the form below and we will contact you in 8 hours.
  2. You will get the topic and other details in the email.
  3. Submit a guest posts based on the guidelines. And, it will be live in 24 hours.

Guest Blogging has stood the test of time and it’s timeless SEO Strategy. But never forget that it has to be natural every time.

We are looking forward to meet you on our blogs.

Contact our editorial team for Guest Contributions

Some quick ways to connect

Update from our new editor

March 01, 2023

Hello Outreach managers, website owners, and to whom it may concern.

I’m Aditi and I’m in-charge of the content creation. I’m committed to bring the experience from farms to internet for bonsai owners, gardening enthusiasts, and anyone who comes in the ambit of gardening, home decor, and real estate on our platform.

Contributing a post means that you’re an expert in your field and your article will help our readers more natural, practical, and hands-on experience about the topic.

Myra Balyan – Editor In Chief. Farms to Internet

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting guest posts from professionals in the field of gardening, home decor, real estate, and agriculture. If you are an outreach manager looking to increase your brand’s exposure and improve your SEO, we encourage you to submit a guest post to our website.

Our platform provides an excellent opportunity for you to share your knowledge and expertise with our audience. We are interested in publishing informative and engaging articles that provide value to our readers. Topics related to home decor and gardening are always in demand, so be sure to use the keywords “home decor write for us” and “gardening write for us” in your article.

To ensure that your article meets our SEO requirements, we recommend that you use the keyword phrases “guest post” and “gardening” in your writing. Additionally, make sure to include the phrase “write for us gardening” and “home decor write for us” in your article to optimize it for search engines.

When writing your guest post, please keep in mind that we only accept original content that has not been published elsewhere. We also require that your article is well-written and informative, and that it is relevant to our audience.

Thank you for considering our website as a platform to share your knowledge and expertise in the field of home decor, gardening, real estate, and agriculture. We look forward to receiving your submissions and working with you to create informative and engaging content for our readers.

Ficus Bonsai Tree at the Farm in Greater Noida, India

For Press

Here is our growth story so far with the data points. For more information, please write us at [email protected] .

Meanwhile, enjoy the scenic view of the farms where the bonsai plants are kept and grown.

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