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Exclusive Single Bonsai Gallery

Updated: June, 2021 Here is the list of exclusive bonsai plants that are available to be shipped in Delhi NCR only due to restriction on transportation. If you’re from a different city, you’ll need to arrange the transportation from Delhi. Please note that these are unique bonsai pieces – one of it’s kind. So, all […]

Bonsai plants in ahmedabad

Bonsai Plants in Ahmedabad

Bonsai plants are one of the most popular indoor plants and can be a great addition to your home. These miniature trees require low maintenance, making them an ideal plant for those who don’t have much time to care for it. Bonsai trees come in various shapes and sizes which make them versatile enough to […]

bonsai tree under 999

Bonsai Tree Price

Looking for Bonsai Tree Price? Here is the comprehensive list of Bonsai Trees in India and their prices. Let’s first see the bonsai trees and then get to the pricing.

Champa Flower

Champa Flower

You will be amazed to know that Champa Flower or Plumeria plant is ranked among the most celebrated ornamental flowering plants. It is famous for its gorgeous white flowers, which emit a pleasant smell. These plants are easy-to-care and do not require any special maintenance. You can rely on the Champa plant to beautify the […]

rubber plant

Rubber Plant / Rubber Fig

Buy Rubber Plant / Rubber Fig. Send Unique Gifts 🎁 Bonsai Plants Online, 2-5 Days Free Shipping in India. 100+ Types of Bonsai Tree 🌴. 1,50,000+ Plants.

ficus plant bonsai

Ficus Plant

Learn all about Ficus Plant Bonsai Tree. Types of Ficus, and it’s care instruction, fertilizer and where to buy. Everything you need to know about ficus plant bonsai.


Syngonium Plant

Syngonium Plant podophyllum or Nephthytis is an exciting houseplant that usually grows as a stable, well-rounded plant variety. Popularly known as the Arrowhead plant, it spreads out and extends in different directions. For plant enthusiasts who wish to manage a lovely home garden, it is an easy to care plant that does not require regular watering. […]

adenium plant

Adenium Plant – Desert Rose Plant

Buy Adenium Plant – Desert Rose Plant Send Unique Gifts 🎁 Bonsai Plants Online, 2-5 Days Free Shipping in India. 100+ Types of Bonsai Tree 🌴. 1,50,000+ Plants Delivered.

lukcy bamboo plant care

Lucky Bamboo Plant – Buy & Care Guide

Bamboo Plant is one of the most elegant plants, with most of them holding ornamental value. They are easy-to-care, and their rapid growth is an advantage for impatient gardeners. The bamboo tree has different varieties, among which several are suited for decorating your gardens, yards, decks, and even in-house décor. About Bamboo Plant  Most people […]

Balsam Plant

Balsam Plant – How to Grow & Care

Balsam oil is renowned for its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. So, if ever someone asks you “What is Balsam Plant?”, you can quickly share the mentioned detail with them immediately.

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