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Mango Bonsai Tree

How to Grow and Graft Bonsai Mango Tree

Would you like to enjoy your mango fruit directly from the farm? Of course, farm fruits like mango are spacious. Is there anything you can do? Bonsai Farming! It is an ancient Japanese technique to cultivate trees in a small pot. This technique helps you to grow your mango tree in a small container. So, […]

Bonsai Styles

Bonsai Styles – A Detailed Guide for Beginners

One of the unique elements of owning a bonsai tree is styling it. A bonsai style and training are intricate works of art that require careful consideration of many elements. Bonsai tree styles do not have to conform to any shape because these styles are subject to personal interpretation and originality. Nonetheless, the bonsai styles […]

bonsai wire

How to Wire and Shape a Bonsai: A Complete Beginners Guide

Bonsai wiring can be simple or complex, easy or difficult, wild or curated. Bonsai, like life, is a journey to be enjoyed step by step. Bonsai wire teaches us that even the most aged little tree can be beautiful. Are you interested in learning more about bonsai wiring and shaping? Wrapping wire around the trunk […]

Oldest Bonsai in the world

10 Oldest Bonsai Trees in the World

Do you know? The Oldest Bonsai Tree is believed to be more than 800 years old! The following article will guide you through the world’s oldest bonsai tree. And let you know the intriguing story of each. So aren’t you curious to know the name of a 1000+-year-old Bonsai tree?  The old bonsai tree requires […]

Indoor Bonsai Tree

15 Best Indoor Bonsai Trees for Beginners

Living creatures typically make appealing and exciting decorative items for the home, surprising but true. Indoor bonsai plants are the most practical and cost-effective option. Bonsai plants are one of the most popular indoor plants for homes and offices. Indoor Bonsai plants are beneficial not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of […]

Ficus Bonsai Tree Online

Exclusive Single Bonsai Gallery

Updated: April, 2022 Welcome to the Exclusive Bonsai Gallery by Abana Homes. All these exclusive bonsai for sale are available. However, they cannot be shipped through normal courier service. Hence, you need to contact the customer service at 9315569090 (or Click to WhatsApp) to discuss the transportation. Here is the list of exclusive bonsai plants […]

bonsai plants in Ahmedabad

Buy Bonsai Plants in Ahmedabad | Bonsai Tree Price in Ahmedabad

Due to the concentrated care required for their pruning and cultivation, growing original bonsai plants in Ahmedabad helps people relieve stress. Bonsai in Ahmedabad teaches you to be patient as well as physically active. Bonsai plants for sale in Ahmedabad purify the air and bring happiness and enjoyment to everyone who sees them. The bonsai […]

rubber plant

Rubber Plant / Rubber Fig

Buy Rubber Plant / Rubber Fig. Send Unique Gifts 🎁 Bonsai Plants Online, 2-5 Days Free Shipping in India. 100+ Types of Bonsai Tree 🌴. 1,50,000+ Plants.

Jade Bonsai Tree

5 Bonsai Trees for Your Office Desk

Air pollution is killing all of us slowly and it has become a necessity to surround ourselves with oxygen generating plants a.k.a air purifying plants. Bonsai Plants not only add beauty to your home / office decor but also act as a great natural air purifier. Bonsai plants treat toxic chemicals like Toluene and Formaldehyde […]

buy plants online

Buy Plants Online in India

Buy Bonsai Plants Online Air Purifier Plants You might have visited the local nursery to pick plants and other gardening items. Such visits might be frequent for avid gardeners for selecting the best-scented flower pots and decorative plant specimens. But local nurseries have a single common problem of limited plant stock. Moreover, you might not […]

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