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brown spots on snake plant

Brown Spots on Snake Plant – Causes and Fixes

If you want to get a tough and hardy plant for your home, a snake plant might be your best pick. These no-nonsense plants are known to have the potential to both decorate your plants and benefit your health simultaneously.  An important part of owning a plant is knowing about its needs and requirements. And […]

How to Grow and Care for Bamboo Plants

When it comes to adding lush greenery to your place quickly, bamboo plants are a perfect choice. You can upgrade any place with the attractive cane with evergreen foliage.  Additionally, you do not have to worry about their maintenance since they are known for being hardy and low-maintenance plants. Under the right conditions, they grow […]

sansevieria cylindrica

Sansevieria Cylindrica: How to Grow, Care, and Varieties

Do you want a plant that does not need much care and has impressive spear-like leaves? Then you might want to consider Sansevieria cylindrica.The evergreen perennial Sansevieria cylindrica is also known as African Spear and has distinct, round leaves that grow from a basal rosette is what makes these succulents interesting. It is an extremely […]

snake plant in water

How to Grow Snake Plants in Water?

One of the most versatile indoor plants is the snake plant. They are easy to maintain and go with any decor. For those of you picky about pots and soil, here are all the details on How to Grow Snake Plant in Water. You might hear snake plants called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or Devil’s Tongue and […]

Indoor Plant Pots

How to choose the best indoor plant pots (size, Type)?

Brought a new plant home but don’t have a good pot for it? Trust me, I never liked my new plant sitting in its plastic nursery liner for long. I always want my plants to sit in a pot that looks stunning in decoration with my home decor. The plastic pots don’t look good in […]

is snake plant poisonous

Discover if Snake Plants are Safe for Your Pets: Cats & Dogs Guide

One of the most resilient houseplants to exist is snake plants. These straightforward plants are known to both decorate your plants and benefit your health at the same time. And with small houseplants being all the craze these days, it is important that we know everything there is to know about the plants and also […]

rattlesnake plant

Rattlesnake Plant: How to Grow and Care

Are you also amazed by the deep green ovals on the lance-shaped green leaves? Well, who isn’t?  The rattlesnake plant has a charismatic presence and captures attention. The undersides of the leaves are royal purple, adding an appealing aura. It is no surprise that the rattlesnake plant quickly becomes the talk of the room. These […]

repotting snake plant

Repotting Snake Plant: When And How To Repot A Snake Plant

Do you know snake plants are known for their beautiful green arching leaves? These leaves stand tall, creating a focal point in the room. You won’t be surprised that snake plants are among the most popular houseplants and are low on maintenance. But what if one day you saw your pot cracking up? You might […]

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