banyan bonsai tree
Banyan Bonsai – 8 year old
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Banyan Bonsai – 8 year old


  • Most Auspicious Indian Bonsai Tree
  • Outdoor Gardening Bonsai
  • Developed in India
  • This is the original plant.

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Banyan tree can be grown as a Bonsai tree. Banyan can be grown from branch cuttings or from nursery stock. If you are Beginner the best way to start is to buy a Banyan plant from a nursery. If the plant is small of one or two years old it will have a trunk of one feet and one or two branches, and less no of leaves. so there will less wiring or no wiring at all. the best method is clip and grow method that is remove the top buds , then the plant starts giving new side branches. This is for beginners who are doing on line, By this method the survival of plant chances are high, one will get confidence of doing a Bonsai on their own. Then with experience we can try to make more bonsais.
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