banyan bonsai tree ficus religosa
Banyan Bonsai | Ficus Religiosa 17 Year Old
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Banyan Bonsai | Ficus Religiosa 17 Year Old


  • Banyan Bonsai Tree – It can be delivered only in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad.
  • Auspicious Banyan Bonsai Tree in Clay Pot. Ceramic Pot available on request.
  • This Banyan Bonsai Tree is home grown in the Indian Farm by dedicated bonsai enthusiast.
  • This Bonsai Tree is nearly 50 cm in height.
  • Delivery will happen in 2-3 days.

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Abana Homes


Plant Age

7 Years

Plant Size

45 CM

Banyan Bonsai Tree is the most demanded bonsai tree in India.

Banyan Bonsai Tree is declared as most favorite bonsai tree among bonsai lovers. Unfortunately, we can not make it available through out India due to shipping issues. We’ve tried to make this available for people living in the Delhi and NCR Region. It is also known as ficus religosa.

This banyan bonsai tree is grown in the wetland of West Bengal by the bonsai lovers and is pretty home grown to grow well in the Indian tropical climate. Banyan Bonsai Plant is an outdoor bonsai plant.

Auspicious Banyan Bonsai Plant

Very often, we get the request from our customers about this Banyan Bonsai Tree. Being auspicious in nature, it is in high demands. People worship banyan bonsai plant as it is highly spiritual. Lord Buddha attained top level of enlightenment under this bodhi tree.

Gautama Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment after 49 days of meditation, sitting under a Banyan tree—now known as Bodhi Tree—in Bodh Gaya, India. For seven days after being enlightened, Buddha sat under the Bodhi Tree, experiencing the happiness of freedom and peace. It is said that during the second week, Buddha kept looking at Bodhi Tree, in thanks and gratitude to the tree that had sheltered him during his struggle. 

How to care for banyan bonsai plants?

Cold drafts from windows or doors will harm them, so make sure to place them somewhere where drafts will not be an issue.Losing its leaves is the most common problems with ficus plants. Leaf drop is a ficus trees standard reaction to stress, whether its from any of the following:Under watering or over watering, Low humidity, Too little light, Relocation or repotting, Drafts, Range in temperature (too hot or cold). If your ficus is losing its leaves, go through the checklist of proper ficus tree care and correct anything that you find wrong.


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