Chinese Pepper Bonsai Tree
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Chinese Pepper Bonsai Tree


Chinese Peppers have glossy semi evergreen leaves most of which stay on the tree all year round. They are vigorous growers so full twiggy branches are quick and easy to grow. A mature looking bark forms quickly so young trees have an aged appearance. Easy to keep, just be sure it’s well watered and away from dry heat sources. They look great in the home, office or garden.


The Chinese Pepper is a subtropical tree with small paripinnate leaves which is very common as indoor bonsai. It must be protected from temperatures below 10° C / 50° F.

The Chinese Pepper, which is also called Sichuan Pepper, grows in many parts of Asia and is especially common in the Himalaya, Japan and Korea. It usually grows as a large shrub and can become about 2m (6ft) tall. From the fruits of the Chinese Pepper a hot spice can be made, although it is not related to the real black pepper. It is a dioecious plant with male and female specimen. The small leaves are paripinnate, dark green and glossy. Trunk and branches have thorns which can make wiring a painful experience. The small flowers appear in terminal florescences and have a greenish yellow colour, while the mature fruits are reddish and look like peppercorns.


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