Cookware Set – Combo of Biriyani Handi, Kadhai & Tawa
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Cookware Set – Combo of Biriyani Handi, Kadhai & Tawa


  • Combo of  –

1 Biriyani Hand – 5 Litre

1 Kadhai              – 3 Litre

1 Tawa                 – 8 * 8 Inch Diameter

  • 100% Natural, Inert & Non Toxic Cookware- Renders Rich & Earthy Aroma into your cooking unlike metal utensils that leach metal ions, chemicals & oxides into your food, making it TOXIC!
  • Made with extreme passion & love for our traditional Indian heritage & culture.
  • Made with 100% Eco friendly & Easy to clean material


At SeGrand our mission is to provide our Customers 100% Natural & Green alternative to cooking that has NO Metals, NO Toxins & other Chemical Contaminants. Using our core ingredient – ‘Pure & Nutrient Rich Clay’ we produce various Cookware Products that are Modern in Design, Versatile in use and with the best Quality & Finish for Great Tasting and Extremely Nutritious Food.

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