Ficus Bonsai Plant Arial Roots
Ficus Bonsai Live Tree – 9 Yrs Old x 35cm
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Ficus Bonsai Live Tree – 9 Yrs Old x 35cm

2,400   Ships Tomorrow

  • Beautiful Ficus Bonsai Tree – A Style Statement in living room.
  • Natural Indoor Plant, Easy To Grow, Evergreen Green Shrubs
  • S- Shaped Bonsai Plant, Ethnic design.
  • Feng-shui plant, auspicious plant.
  • Low Maintenance Air Purifying Bonsai Plant
(18 customer reviews)
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  • Yes, you can mention the message on checkout page in the โ€œnotesโ€ section, and we will include your message in the box on a message card.

  • Can you show the picture of the plant that Iโ€™ll get?
  • Yes, of course. Here is the process for that. While placing the order, you can mention in the notes that you would like to see the plant before shipping. Our team will send you the picture on WhatsApp. Upon confirmation, the plant will be shipped. Note: that this process two more days than normal to ship.

18 reviews for Ficus Bonsai Live Tree – 9 Yrs Old x 35cm

  1. SWETA

    Plant was delivered in an excellently wrapped package; also the plant was healthy and good. The ceramic pot too was in excellent condition.

  2. Shivagya

    thanks much.. I got the plant in while pot.. the plant is very in good condition. still brings the smile.

  3. Rupal

    Got a good plant and packing was also nice …but got different pot from the shown image will update about its condition

  4. Harsha

    Very Beautiful Plant

  5. Amar

    Wonderful. Got the plant on time, safe and green.. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks much.

  6. Praveen

    I am really happy twith the plant

  7. RIA

    Good packing
    Plant in good health
    Advisory enclosed
    Pot is of good quality
    Looks good
    Must buy

  8. Kuldeep

    After using it for almost a month I am writing this revuew.It’s great for your desk/home decor and looks cool if placed with other decor items. Quality wise it’s good it’s still looks fresh.

  9. Preeti

    Beautiful pot and the plant was fresh looking. Loved it. The plant although has been shedding leaves since the purchase. I hope it recovers.

  10. Rupal

    Came in a great condition even though it was shipped through India Post. Was superbly packed. Although one twig broke off while unpacking, but I’ll be using it to grow a new jade plant. The ceramic pot pot had coco peat to the top and was of good quality. Very satisfied overall.

  11. Govind

    Came in good packaging. No damages. Placed in sunlight for few hours after receiving. It’s more than a week since I bought it and no issues. Mainly placing it indoor but when possible keeping it out for some sun light and watering it when the soil is dry. There is proper drain facility at the bottom.

  12. Soma

    Fantastic quality wise, small leaf plant, has a good growth, came in a good packaging and delivered in a nice condition.
    I had ordered a total of three jade plants, this plant came in a nice ceramic small sized pot, but other two pots came seated in flimsy plastic containers. Go for this one.

  13. Sandeep

    Much better than expected. Recommend this one
    I have received the plant in excellent condition. Plant is very very healthy, Bright Red Ceramic pot looks very nice. It’s just like the picture shown above. It’s a cute Plant. which was delivered before on time. Overall, I am satisfied with my order and for that reason i can definitely recommend this one.

  14. vini

    Excellent package for all items.but got 2items wrong ones.

  15. Kamini Jha

    Bought this plant last week and it’s really nice now.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Meenakshi Dhanwani

    Received this almost one month ago. The Packaging was awesome. very well protected.
    Both the Plant and pot are the best!, looks exactly like the one in pic.
    The Plant was and still is healthy and doing very well after a soil change and re-potting. Great roots.
    New healthy green foliage are sprouting. and its looking gorgeous!
    You need to treat this plant as a part of your family and It will definitely give you peace.

  17. Sahej sareen

    This is such a wonderful plant.. I ordered it 4 pieces and Its really good.

  18. Debodeep debnath (verified owner)

    Great shape and health of the plant and also the packaging…

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Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree

Ficus indoor bonsai tree is one of the most beautiful bonsai tree that can fit in your living room as well as in? your balcony garden. It is a maintenance free bonsai tree that requires very little effort in taking care of it.

How to care of Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree?

Mainly the ficus indoor bonsai bonsai care involves getting the location, watering schedule, pruning and fertilizing right. And your bonsai tree keeps growing like anything. Shaping up the bonsai depends on you.

Ficus Bonsai Trees?are mainly grown in tropical regions of south-eastern Asia. Though, there are many?species of Ficus, the most common bonsai tree are Religiosa (Indian Peepal) , Retusa, Carica, Benjamina and others.

Ficus bonsai tree looks really awesome indoors because it is fully of glossy & waxy leaves that are long lasting. Some variety of ficus bonsai tree can produce beautiful looking aerial?roots from the trunk and branches. This bonsai tree is very suitable for indoors and that’s why it is more popular in the common household in India.

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Now, lets talk about the ficus bonsai tree caring in details.

Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree Care – Location

Ficus bonsai trees are very robust and maintenance free. Their tolerance to low-medium levels of light is significant good enough to help them survive indoors. Despite of that, we always advise to keep the bonsai tree in the bright light location. If you ask our bonsai experts, they would certainly recommend to keep it near window where it can get some sunlight and fresh air. After all it’s a plant that needs to process it food naturally. So, the window is good location for ficus bonsai tree. You should avoid it keeping it in the dark corners, or any place that is less likely to get the fresh air or bright light.

Also, we recommend to keep it outside in the balcony for a few days in a month to keep the plant healthy and growing.

Specially, in summers, you can keep it in outside and it will grow well. The leaves will come up beautifully bright and green.? Sunlight works as energy booster to the plant. If you ever see your ficus bonsai growing weak, you should consider putting it in the sunshine but you must avoid the low temperature in winters. The ficus bonsai plants are frost tender. So, you must bring them back inside when nighttime temperatures drops below 13 degree centigrade.

ficus bonsai tree in india

Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree Care – Watering

Watering the ficus indoor bonsai tree is very crucial. Ficus does not love much water but the soil should be completely wet and well drained. So it is good to follow the watering schedule of thrice a week in summers and twice a week in winters or less. While you keep the bonsai plant indoors, you can sprinkle the water a little on the leaves to keep them moist. It is important to create a humid atmosphere around the bonsai. You can install a drip or a humidity tray if you feel that watering appropriately is not your cup of tea.

Why my bonsai plant is dying?

This is one of the most common question that I get from you across the country. And with far confidence, I ask them one simple thing.

How frequently do you water your bonsai tree?

And to your surprise, watering too much is the most common reason for killing your bonsai plant. Excess of water damages the roots and the leaves start turning yellow before they drop.

THE ONLY CARE INSTRUCTION that I can share with you above all is to water it properly. There is a thumb rule of watering any bonsai plant. Water until the soil gets fully moist and leave it to drain completely, then wait for the soil to go dry before water it next time.

If you follow this simple instruction, your all bonsai plants will survive and smile at your always.

Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree Care – Pruning

Here comes the beautiful part of owning a bonsai tree. When the bonsai tree extends shoots of lighter green new foliage while growing, you must ready to prune them for two reasons.

  1. You dont want your bonsai plant to grow bigger like a normal plant.
  2. Second, you dont want the unwanted shoots take all the nutrients instead of the branches that you actually wanted to grow.

Simple rule of pruning the bonsai tree.

Let the shoots grow upto 7-10 cm , turn them from yellowish green to little dark green and you’re ready to cut them completely or to prune them depending on what shape you want to give your bonsai tree.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Though Ficus bonsai tree is an evergreen bonsai, but this does not mean that the leaves will always remain the same. Bonsai plants are live natural plants. Hence, the new leaves come and they are light green, when they mature a little, they turn into to dark green, and eventually, they turn yellow before falling off. This is a natural & gradual process and you should expect this to happen. There is no point in getting over-dramatic when the leaves start falling. Just bear with it if this is due to season and looks natural.

Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree Care – Repotting

Repotting is an essential process while owning a bonsai plant. You must repot the plant once in two-three years during the spring season and put the appropriate nutrients. Also, you should repot is carefully to expose the roots, wash them and put good bonsai soils and fertilizers into it.

Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree Care – Feeding

Our bonsai trees are pre-fed with appropriate amount of nutrients to stay healthy for first 4-6 months. After that, you can use appropriate fertilizers to keep them healthy and growing. You must follow the specific caring instruction of the bonsai tree to keep it healthy.

That’s all for now. If you liked this guide, please feel free to share it with your friends on facebook.

In case, you face any issue while taking care of the bonsai tree, you can contact our team of bonsai experts at and we will be happy to help you with that.

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