Ficus Bonsai Tree
Ficus Bonsai Tree 10 Years
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Ficus Bonsai Tree 10 Years

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Custom Ficus Plant Bonsai with bonsai pot

  • Developed in Indian Banyan Tree Style.
  • Suitable for well lit indoor area, lawn garden.
  • Easy to care and maintain.
  • Stones not included

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  • Can you show the picture of the plant that I’ll get?
  • Yes, of course. Here is the process for that. While placing the order, you can mention in the notes that you would like to see the plant before shipping. Our team will send you the picture on WhatsApp. Upon confirmation, the plant will be shipped. Note: that this process two more days than normal to ship.


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  1. Ficus Plant Bonsai is one of the most popular bonsai tree for beginners.
  • Coming for Fig Family, ficus plant bonsai carries auspicious value.
  • For that matter, our bonsai artisans have developed this in Indian Banyan Tree Style.
  • Ficus plant Bonsai is an evergreen bonsai tree and easy to maintain.
    • Water the plant everyday in summers and alternate days in winters.
    • Fertilize it once a month with normal NPK 19:19:19 fertilizer or once in two months with the Slow Release Smart Bonsai Fetilizer
    • Prune it when the leaves and branches grow usually in 4-5 months.
  • Keep the ficus plant bonsai in the well lit area if you are keeping it indoors. If outdoors, make sure to get enough humidity. The best place outdoors is to keep it in the lawn garden where it can get moisture from the environment.
  • While keeping it indoors, put a tray filled with water beneath the pot and it will grow fantastic.
  • You can develop and design the aerial roots further in future as shown in second pic.
Ficus Plant Bonsai 10 Yrs
Ficus Bonsai Tree 10 Years

Buy Ficus Plant Bonsai 10 Years Old Uniquely Developed and Trained by Bonsai Artisans in India. Free Shipping in 3-5 Days. High Quality Bonsai & Support Available.

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