Ficus Microcapa Ginseng
Stylish MultiCurve Podacate Ficus Bonsai Tree (50cms – 60cms)
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Stylish MultiCurve Podacate Ficus Bonsai Tree (50cms – 60cms)


  • Beautiful MultiCurve Bonsai Tree
  • Comes from Ficus/Banyan Family
  • Podacate Ficus Bonsai Tree
  • Auspicious & Beautiful. A style statement for your Home
  • Ideal Location. Living Room , Office , Balcony
  • Easy to maintain. Watering & Fertilizer.
  • Comes with a Plastic Pot.


Additional information


Abana Homes




Plant Age

12-15 year

Plant Size

50-60 CM


Anniversary, Birthday, Parents

Why to buy Podacate Ficus Bonsai Tree?

Ficus Bonsai Plant is one of the most beautiful bonsai plant for home decor. Mostly you can keep this plant inside the house as it is a semi indoor plant. While it looks very beautiful and grows well, it is a very low Maintenance Bonsai Plant that can survive in any tough situation or climate. That makes it a great choice for beginners.

Podacate Ficus bonsai plant is a great air purifying plant

Ficus bonsai plant is unique air purifying plant. It treats the toxic chemicals in the air like Toluene and Formaldehyde and makes the air breathable and healthy. (A study of interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement: an interim report. NASA July, 1989.)

Green Gifting Plant

Ficus Bonsai Plant is highly stylish and beautiful plant. Also, it is a very hardy plant so it needs less maintenance. Hence, this is a great choice to gift to your loved ones. Our most of the clients gift this plant on baby shower, as wedding gift, or birthday gifts.

Easy to Care

Ficus bonsai trees will grow decently in low light, but thrive in high light conditions. Water moderately, increasing in summer and decreasing in winter. The Ficus bonsai tree also enjoys a daily misting to maintain humidity.

Auspicious Plant

Coming from Fig family of Banyan Tree, Ficus Bonsai Plant is considered to be auspicious. It is a FENG SHUI plant. Bonsai trees are popular in the Eastern art of Feng Shui where they are believed to bring luck and abundance to those who display them in their home. This has very high religious value in Indian society and is considered as very good house plant.

7 reviews for Stylish MultiCurve Podacate Ficus Bonsai Tree (50cms – 60cms)

  1. Merin Babu paul

    It’s exactly how it’s shown in picture . In good condition . MUST BUY

  2. Procedure Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Fantastic quality wise, small leaf plant, has a good growth, came in a good packaging and delivered in a nice condition.
    I had ordered a total of three jade plants, this plant came in a nice ceramic small sized pot, but other two pots came seated in flimsy plastic containers. Go for this one.

  3. Nitesh Bangera

    Beautiful plant…the twiggings were not as heavy as in the picture, but then that’s all right as the plant is healthy and has new foliage coming…..Good service, acceptable quality plant and prompt delivery.

  4. Priya

    Very Good Team work.. Follow up for the caring part as well.

  5. Lucky Saikia

    Got a good plant and packing was also nice …but got different pot from the shown image will update about its condition

  6. Sr. Superintendent Of post Offices, N. P Division

    Exactly as described and the packaging was excellent, will buy more in the days to come . Maybe the price can be a lil lower, anyways Satisfied!:)

  7. Padmasree Bendi

    This is such a wonderful plant.. I ordered it 4 pieces and Its really good.

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