Heart Shaped Pachira Bonsai with Pot


  • Heart Shaped Bonsai Tree
  • Good Luck Money tree – Best Gift
  • Comes with a ceramic pot
  • One of the best indoor air purifying plants
  • Your message (if any) will  be included on a valentine note with the plant.
  • Five pointed leaves symbol five elements of earth – feng shui plant
  • Very easy to care plant

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Gift this Abana Homes Heart shaped trunk Bonsai to your sweetheart this valentine to put a bright spot on her day. Owing this beautiful bonsai will bring a cheery smile on her/his face and will also spark romance between you two. This Bonsai Plant is also known as “Money tree”. Also It is supposed to bring good luck and fortune to the owner. That makes it a best choice as gift

Pachira Money Tree

Pachira money tree bonsai Plant originates from the humid tropical region and from the swamps of Central and South America. In its natural environment, it can reach 20 m in height, while inside it is limited by the size of the pot in which it gets planted. The tree loves light, but not direct sunlight, and the air humidity must be of a minimum of 60%, this is why the leaves need to be spayed in case the air in the room is dry.

Watering Your Pachira Money Tree

It needs to be watered once per week in order to maintain the soil wet and to remove the excess of the water from the plate. In winter, if the room temperature is below 18? C, the watering needs to be decreased. Place the plant in a spot with indirect exposure to sunlight or at a window facing the north and spin the plant on a weekly basis, so that it can grow straight, not bended towards the light.

Why should you buy Pachira Money Tree?

  • MONEY TREE – Money attracting bonsai plant a good choice for displaying in the money or wealth center of your home.
  • VASTU FRIENDLY – Leaves resemble the five fundamental Feng Shui elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth; if a space is not balanced, a money tree will help create harmony by adding the missing element.
  • SPECIES – SPECIES: Money trees are actually water chestnut trees made into Bonsaian, evergreen with lovely bright green foliage, extraordinarily hardy and traditional symbols of good luck, all of which makes them a perfect gift for others or a gift to yourself if you need a little extra positive karma.
  • CARE: Need very Less Maintenance and Supervision. Your order will be carefully wrapped in a custom designed corrugated carton and delivered with detailed care instructions.
  • MATERIAL: Bonsai Live Plants with Ceramic Pot.