Purple Petrea Volubilis Plant

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These unique and attractive plants are known for their purple-colored star-shaped flowers. They are the best addition to gardens, porches, or walls. The Sandpaper Vine plant is best for gifting purposes and is easy to care for. These give a royal look to any space with their eye-catching color.

details & care
  • Water:               Moderate
  • Light:                Moderate
  • Growth Rate:      Medium
  • Air Purifying:      No
  • Pet Friendly:       No
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Purple Petrea Volubilis Plant, and Care Guide

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Purple Petrea Volubilis Plant (sandpaper vine plant)

Purple Wreath is a charming little climber with long racemes of delicate violet-purple star-like blooms that drape from the branches. It’s a hybrid of a shrub and a climber, with a little wooden trunk that develops attractive curves over time. The floral arrangement looks like a masterpiece. The real purple bloom only lasts a few days, but the blue bracts last much longer, eventually turning gray.

These purple-colored beauties can be grown on a porch, arch, pergola, or wall. You can also grow a Sandpaper vine plant as a stand-alone shrub. This spectacular purple wreath vine will look excellent on pergolas, fences, trellises, and porches. Petrea Volubilis also works well with hanging baskets. This gentle tropical queen wreaths herself in a royal floral show in cycles from spring to fall, with drooping flower clusters evocative of wisteria.

Caring Tips

  • Allow several inches of soil to dry before watering the sandpaper vine plant.
  • Do not overwater your purple wreath plant, as it can cause death.
  • Water twice a week to keep the soil moist but not wet.
  • Mulches help to keep water from evaporating, whether it’s hot, windy, or bright outside.

Growing Instructions for Purple Wreath Plant

  • Petrea Volubilis thrives in full sun and produces the most flowers, but it also thrives in mild climates and partial shade in hot and arid locations.
  • It may withstand less water because it prefers well-drained sandy soil. You should water the purple wreath on a regular basis because dry soils are detrimental to plant health.
  • These are long-lived climbers. Hence the anchors should be sturdy and long-lasting. You can prune your sandpaper vine plant in the desired shape.
  • You can transfer the plant into its permanent place in full bright light after one month after receiving it.
  • It can also be kept bushy by regularly planting it in a pot and trimming it.
  • We recommend you prune your plant after each flowering phase.

Additional information

Plant Name

Petrea Volubilis Plant

Common Name

Sandpaper Vine, Purple wreath, queen wreath

Native Area

Southern Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean Basin

Plant Placement


Plant Size

5-8" inches