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Peace Lily Plant Online
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Peace Lily Plant Online


If you ever wanted an EVERGREEN MONSTER AIR PURIFIER Plant, this is the one for you. It’s a beautiful indoor flowering plant. This is bigger size peace lily plant (25cm).



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Ceramic, Plastic

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25 cm


Peace Lily

Peace lily is known as the best air purifying plants in India. Being a low light indoor flowering plant, it is one of the most sought plant in the Indian premium house hold. The peace lily plant looks beautiful in the living room and offices as it can grow indoors very well.

Benefits of Peace Lily

Here are some popular peace lily benefits.

  • Excellent Air Purifying Plant
  • Evergreen Flowering Indoor Plant
  • Promotes Restful Sleep.
  • Low maintenance Houseplant.

Peace Lily Varieties

More than 18 types of peace lily are found in India however, the one common and most beautiful growing variety is Spatiphyllum Sensation. You can also find peace lily variegated very popular these days but the survival rate is not very known so far. Peace lily in water is also a popular choice. In case you are keeping the peace lily in water, you need to ensure the proper nutrient supply in the water. Growing peace lily in soil is easy as it takes most of the required nutrients from the soil.

Here are some popular peace lily varieties.

  • Domino Peace Lily. Spathiphyllum ‘Domino’ …
  • Jetty Peace Lily. Spathiphyllum ‘Jetty’ …
  • Little Angel Peace Lily. Spathiphyllum ‘Little Angel’ …
  • Patricia Peace Lily. Spathiphyllum ‘Patricia’ …
  • Piccolino Peace Lily. Spathiphyllum ‘Piccolino’ …
  • Sensation Peace Lily. …
  • Sonia Peace Lily. …
  • White Stripe Peace Lily.

Peace Lily Propagation

Maintenance of peace lily plant is easy. You can water it thoroughly once or twice a week and it will just grow fine. Peace lily fertilizer are easily available in the market, however you can use normal organic fertilizers like vermicompost as peace lily fertilizer. This can be used once in 15 to 30 days. It’s very easy going plant, so you don’t have to be worried much about its care.

Peace Lily Plant Price

Peace lily isn’t a costly plant. This peace lily plant is imported from Thailand and ensure the great health and adoption of the peace lily plant in India. You can buy peace lily plant online here at and be free of mind. Peace lily price varies from Rs. 100 to 1000. A few sellers must be selling at 100-300 but we can confidently say that they must not be sending the healthy peace lily plant considering the expense of growing it at certain level and importing it. Peace lily price at 300-500 is reasonably good and can be considered to buy peace lily plant online.


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