Get this glazed ceramic pot to beautify your bonsai plant
Round Ceramic Pot with Tray 4 Inches
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Round Ceramic Pot with Tray 4 Inches


Get this dia-style bonsai pot made of glazed ceramic to enhance your bonsai experience.

  • Elegantly shaped like a dia for an instant transformation indoors.
  • Has a shining appearance with a long-lasting glaze.
  • Includes a watering tray for safe and regulated watering.
  •  Ideal for placing on tabletops and shelves.


Made of glazed ceramic, this bonsai pot combines eye-striking visuals with an enchanting dia shape. This pot can be treasured as a stunning centerpiece along with your bonsai plant or can be given as a lovely gift on special occasions.

The pot has a sturdy structure and is made with superior quality of glazed ceramic. Moreover, it has waterproof yet porous sides. That will retain the moisture inside the pot for a long time and will make it easy for you to maintain your plant by reducing the need for repeated watering.

The pot is 5 inches deep and comes with a watering tray. This tray collects the surplus water draining out from the bottom, preventing any spills. It also helps in minimizing the risk of root rot in the plant due to overwatering. With this ceramic bonsai pot, your bonsai plant will thrive happily and healthily indoors or outdoors both.


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