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bonsai fruit tree

20+ Bonsai Fruit Tree | Best Bonsai Fruit Plants

Nearly all tree varieties can be grown into bonsai, including fruit trees.  Bonsai trees are miniaturized by applying pruning, wiring, and repotting techniques. However, this technique reduces the size of the tree. But the fruit of the bonsai trees is usually big. Tree species like apple or lemon have quite big fruits. In comparison, tree […]

Bonsai From Seed

How to Grow Bonsai Tree from Seed

When we are asked about how to grow a bonsai tree, we mostly reply with stem propagation, where we take a leaf or a stem from a regular tree to make a miniature tree, which is a bonsai. What if I were to tell you that that’s not true? We can grow a bonsai from […]

Bonsai Fruit tree

How to Grow and Care for Fruit Bonsai Trees

Is it possible to grow fruit on bonsai trees?  Yes, and the bonsai tree produces stunning and edible fruits. Many people hold the misconception that bonsai trees are always dwarf trees with tiny flowers on them. However, this is not true; you can choose a wide variety of tree species, including fruit trees for bonsai. […]

Bonsai Flower Tree

How to Grow and Care Bonsai Flower Tree

Bonsai trees with flowers provide a special touch to any setting. The interior of the house, the kitchen, the terrace… Large plants aren’t feasible in small spaces. Thus, the bonsai flower tree is an ideal pick. Caring for and growing a bonsai tree isn’t a big deal. You don’t need a supernatural green thumb to […]

Types of bonsai trees

25+ Incredible Types of Bonsai Trees You Must Know!

Let’s be real, it can be very confusing and hard to identify different varieties of bonsai plants because there are so many. Also, their tiny appearance doesn’t help. But, what if there was a list you can refer to that will help you recognize them? This is the list. The most popular and most beautiful […]

Flowering Bonsai Trees

15 Stunning Flowering Bonsai Trees

Have you ever imagined sitting in your verandah or living hall with a cup of tea and an 8-year-old flowering Bonsai tree accompanying you spreading the fragrance?  In this article, we are going to explore the top 15 MOST stunning Flowering Bonsai Trees that you will want to have in your hall or garden or […]

Big Bonsai Tree

Top 15 Biggest Bonsai Trees In The World

When people ask you to describe a bonsai tree, what do you really think of as an answer? A small, miniature tree that has been grown through propagation from a regular tree. What if I tell you there are giant bonsai trees? Intrigued? Well, that’s what we will show in this blog. Bonsai trees which […]

Mango Bonsai Tree

How to Grow and Graft Bonsai Mango Tree

Would you like to enjoy your mango fruit directly from the farm? Of course, farm fruits like mango are spacious. Is there anything you can do? Bonsai Farming! It is an ancient Japanese technique to cultivate trees in a small pot. This technique helps you to grow your mango tree in a small container. So, […]

Bonsai Styles

Bonsai Styles – A Detailed Guide for Beginners

One of the unique elements of owning a bonsai tree is styling it. A bonsai style and training are intricate works of art that require careful consideration of many elements. Bonsai tree styles do not have to conform to any shape because these styles are subject to personal interpretation and originality. Nonetheless, the bonsai styles […]

bonsai wire

How to Wire and Shape a Bonsai: A Complete Beginners Guide

Bonsai wiring can be simple or complex, easy or difficult, wild or curated. Bonsai, like life, is a journey to be enjoyed step by step. Bonsai wire teaches us that even the most aged little tree can be beautiful. Are you interested in learning more about bonsai wiring and shaping? Wrapping wire around the trunk […]

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