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Areca Palm Fertilizer

Areca Palm Fertilizer: When and How to Fertilize!

Are you planning to fertilize your Areca palm but don’t know when and how to fertilize it? We can understand that these plants grow very slowly and are best planted in the spring for better growth. Areca palms are one of the best plants to be grown if you want a tropical vibe around your […]

Areca Palm Benefits

10+ Areca Palm Benefits: Amazing Indoor Palm Plant

We all enjoy a touch of the tropical in our lives. Indoor plants have been around for a long time but sometimes a little touch of outdoors in the house adds a zing to your room in the best possible manner.  But how do we do this? Well, we can start with one of the […]

Indoor Palm Plants

20 Types of Indoor Palm Plants | How to Grow and Care Plam Plants

When was the last time you enjoyed beaches and their shoreline palm tree? You must have cherished your stay in the Maldives or any tropical shores if you had a chance to experience it. Unfortunately, not everybody can enjoy the view of such amazing palm trees and breezy vibes.  Don’t worry! We have indoor palm […]

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