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How to Protect Indoor Plants in Summer

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants in Summer

Are you taking extra care of your indoor plants in summer? Well, you should.  In summer, your indoor plants need a little extra care and attention. Of course, they also get hot and thirsty at other times as well. No doubt indoor plants add beauty to your place in every season and don’t ask for […]

How to Protect Plants in Summer

17 Tips to Take Care of your Plants in Summer

We are at that time of year when the days get longer and the temperature rises.  Yes, summer is finally here! You must be in a worrisome situation as summers can be a tough time for your plants, if they do not get the proper care. Don’t Worry! Because nature has a solution for every […]

Best indoor flowering plants

30+ Best Indoor Flowering Plants

Brighten up your home with low-maintenance indoor plants that bloom all year long. There are a variety of colorful and inexpensive options on this list, all with the longest bloom time. To get started, the general rule of thumb is to purchase mature plants rather than seeds, unless you have an abundance of patience and […]

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