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30+ Types of Snake Plant Most Popular and Beautiful Varieties

30+ Types of Snake Plant Most Popular and Beautiful Varieties

For a while, snake plants were almost forgotten, but they are now back on the scene as ornamental plants. Also, there are many things that make the snake plants so special. Yet the most special thing is its somewhat bizarre appearance. Not to mention its special drawing leaves. Another impressive aspect of snake plants is […]

Areca Palm Benefits

10+ Areca Palm Benefits: Amazing Indoor Palm Plant

We all enjoy a touch of the tropical in our lives. Indoor plants have been around for a long time but sometimes a little touch of outdoors in the house adds a zing to your room in the best possible manner.  But how do we do this? Well, we can start with one of the […]

how to repot a indoor plant

When & How to Repot a Indoor Plant: A Complete Beginners Guide

I know you must be thinking like why do I need to repot my indoor plant? Does repotting an indoor plant lead to death?  Don’t worry, you are not the only one because most of us usually have that kind of thinking that “repotting leads to death of the plant.” But that’s not the case. […]



Do you know indoor plants need a lot of pruning for many reasons? Pruning indoor plants not only makes the plant healthy but also makes them look better. Pruning your indoor plants regularly to maintain them healthy and to stimulate a balanced growth pattern.  Pruning is like a haircut given to a plant that can […]

Bonsai Leaves Turning Yellow

Bonsai Leaves Turning Yellow: Reasons and How to Fix

If you are into gardening and have ever owned a plant, you may have heard of bonsai. To make it clearer for you, bonsai is the Japanese art of growing and training miniature trees into pots. With Bonsai, you just want a miniature version of a given tree in your home. Now that we know […]

bonsai tree trunk

How to build a Bonsai Tree Trunk

Growing bonsai is challenging at first, especially learning how to thicken, shape, and taper the bonsai trunk. So, how do you build a bonsai trunk?  Well, developing a trunk from scratch is a relatively long process. Each stage takes a few months to years. So, which is the best method for developing bonsai trunks? And […]

Indoor Creeper Plants

30 Best Indoor Creeper Plants You Can Grow Easily In Home

Do you remember your hiking days? Sleeping in the middle of the forest and waking up to the sight of lavish green trees all around you?  Did you enjoy the green climbers cascading down gloriously? How would you feel about waking up daily to enjoy this view? Why not bring these climber babies into your […]

Indoor Palm Plants

20 Types of Indoor Palm Plants | How to Grow and Care Plam Plants

When was the last time you enjoyed beaches and their shoreline palm tree? You must have cherished your stay in the Maldives or any tropical shores if you had a chance to experience it. Unfortunately, not everybody can enjoy the view of such amazing palm trees and breezy vibes.  Don’t worry! We have indoor palm […]

Big Leaf Indoor Plants

15 Best Big Leaf Indoor Plants

While decorating your interiors, splashing green plants here and there feels so good. It brings in the life of the place! But having big leaf indoor plants is a completely different game.  These potted beauties are so captivating that you might be compelled to look at them! These plants are the go-to option if you […]

Lucky Indoor Plants

25 Lucky Indoor Plants that Bring Prosperity and Fortune

Do you believe in luck? Can you think that your potted plant friend can help you with it?  Yes, lucky indoor plants for homes do exist! Keep reading as we list them for you. Before that, here is a brief about feng shui and Vastu shastra—two major beliefs on welcoming positive energy in a space. […]

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