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Top Recommended Bonsai Plants Online

We revise this list every month based on the current trend of what people are buying. Hope you might get the help from here.

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Latest Addition to the Bonsai Tree Family

We revise this list every month based on the current trend of what people are buying. Hope you might get the help from here.

Why should you buy from Abana Homes?

Because we don’t only sell the bonsai tree but also we help you own it.

Healthy Bonsai

Being the LARGEST DISTRIBUTOR for bonsai plants in India, we know our craft. We nurture healthy plants, train them for years and deliver.

Lifetime Support

Our customer support is second to none – Always available on WhatsApp and Phone. Talk to them any time and get help.

Lowest Price

Our bonsai tree price in India is the cheapest in market. Our Bonsai trees price starts from Rs. 500 and ranges up to 10 lakhs.

Real Talk from Real Customers

Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

Bonsai is an art, healthy hobby.

Bonsai Plants need engagement from you in watering the bonsai plant, pruning, caring about it everyday, ensuring that there is no harm to the plant etc. Scientists have observed that caring for bonsai plants disconnects your from the day-to-day worries for a good 15-20 min or an hour per week. And this is really helpful for cognitive intelligence, mental health and the brain.

Bonsai Plant is an investment like Green Gold.

With increasing age, the price of bonsai plants increases rapidly at the rate of minimum 12% per year. Hence, it multiplies the money better than your fixed deposits. 🙂 Interesting? Share it.

Bonsai Plants Teaches Life Skills

My daughter is learning discipline and a sense of creating something beautiful. ~ Sanaya Sharma

My husband gifted me a 10 years old bonsai tree on our 10th anniversary. My daughter and I took interest in growing it. Surprisingly, I can see a discipline being developed in her to water the plant. She also remembers that the bonsai needs food to grow and we need to put fertilizer after a month. 

She literally maintains this in her school diary. Great thing I found is that she is getting the concept that beautiful things grow slowly and take time like investment. 🙂 I am loving it.

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