Bonsai Tree Price

Looking for Bonsai Tree Price? Here is the comprehensive list of Bonsai Trees in India and their prices. Let’s first see the bonsai trees and then get to the pricing.

Bonsai Tree Price

Buying a Bonsai Tree? Here is the comprehensive and well researched Bonsai Tree Price List. The question is; how does a bonsai tree price decide which bonsai you need to buy. Let me explain this to you. After talking to thousands of customers over website chat and phone calls while suggesting which bonsai tree they should buy, I boiled it down to the basic principles of purchasing. 

What’s your budget? 

That’s my first question to them. If your budget to spend is around Rs. 1000 rupees, then you should stick around this bonsai tree price range. In this price range, you can buy all the bonsai trees available like Ficus Bonsai Plant, Carmona Bonsai Plant, Chinese Elm Bonsai Plant. Any bonsai tree around 3-4 years will cost you less than a thousand. But here is the thin line; you should keep your expectation to get a decent bonsai tree of 15-20 cm. If you expect the have a full grown, well settled, robust looking bonsai tree, then you should increase your budget around Rs. 2000-2500. And you can get a 30-35 cm 8-9 years old bonsai tree.

Name of Bonsai TreeLocation of BonsaiPrice Range
Brush Cherry Bonsai TreeIndoor, Room LightINR 1200
Rubber PlantIndoor, Room LightINR 1200
ScheffleraIndoor, Room LightINR 1200
Japanese MapleIndoor, Room LightINR 1200 – 5000
Grafted Ficus PlantIndoor, Room LightINR 500 – 3000
Chinese ShohinIndoor, Room LightINR 800
RadermacheraIndoor, Room LightINR 900
Carmona Bonsai TreeIndoor, Room LightINR 900-2600
PodocarpusIndoor, Room LightINR 900-2600
Podacate FicusIndoor, Room LightINR 900-2600
Chinese PepperIndoor, Room LightINR 900-2600
Blue Braya (Desmodium)Outdoor, Shades, BalconyINR 1200
Jade PlantOutdoor, Shades, BalconyINR 300 – 2000
Ficus Plant Bonsai TreeOutdoor, Shades, BalconyINR 500 – 16000
Chinese Elm Bonsai TreeOutdoor, Shades, BalconyINR 900-2600
Ficus BenjaminaOutdoor, Shades, BalconyINR 900-2600
Ficus RitusaOutdoor, Shades, BalconyINR 900-2600
JuniperOutdoor, Sunlight, BalconyINR 1200
Black PineOutdoor, Sunlight, BalconyINR 1200 – 5000
AdeniumOutdoor, Sunlight, BalconyINR 300 – 2000
BougainvilleaOutdoor, Sunlight, BalconyINR 300 – 2000
BanyanOutdoor, Sunlight, BalconyINR 6000
PeepalOutdoor, Sunlight, BalconyINR 6000
All these bonsai trees are available for sale at

Growing a bonsai tree is one of the unique hobbies in India. It’s a classy, unique and very intense hobby for people. However, everyone is not very much aware of the bonsai tree price in India. Therefore, we’ve developed this comprehensive article around it with our experience and interaction with the buyers to ease out the buying process.

There are three main aspects of decision a bonsai tree.

Bonsai Tree Price in India

  1. Bonsai Tree Price
  2. Location where you want to keep it.
  3. Your experience in growing a bonsai tree.

How to choose a bonsai tree by price?

If you’re starting, you should go for the mid-range bonsai tree by price. Neither too small, nor too big. Mid-range bonsai trees cost around Rs. 1000- Rs. 1500. Mid-range bonsai trees are not fully developed, hence it’s easy to shape them as per your choice. They’re not too small so they can forgive your mistakes in watering or fertilizing. Therefore, the mid-range bonsai trees are 5-7 years old.

We categorize our bonsai plants owners into three categories;

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Collector

Usually, the beginners are enthusiasts who have just started their journey. Hence, we help them with the plant selection as well as the detailed bonsai care instructions. We, not only, sell the bonsai trees, but also help them own it.

Bonsai Tree Price for Beginners

Here is the list of bonsai trees that are suitable for all beginners, intermediate and Collectors.

For intermediate and collectors, we’ve wide range of rare bonsai trees. Since they already have the basic bonsai tree, we bring them a range of rare bonsai plants from each variety. The prices of rare bonsai trees are little higher than what we’ve for the beginners as these are rare bonsai trees and are a little difficult to care for and grow.

Ah, don’t get confused. Most of the folks searching for bonsai plants fall in the category of beginners to intermediate and we advise them to take the gorgeous looking medium to large size bonsai tree ranging from Rs. 1200-10000 as they are easy to care and manage.