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Snake Plant

Snake Plant: Benefits, Types, Care, and How to Grow

Do you know that the snake plant does not have a stem? They have just tough, thick, and upright leaves. Besides, if there were a prize for the most tolerant plant, Snake Plant would certainly be it! Many houseplants are grown for decoration and to maintain Feng Shui Practice; snake plants belong to this category […]

money plant

Money Plant, Type, Care & Maintenance

For people who are inclined to maintain a lovely home d├ęcor plants, inclusion goes as inevitable. You can make your house look beautiful and full of life by adding fresh plants all across the open spaces. Living in the city keeps us away from greenery. However, you can rely on fantastic plant options such as money […]

air purifying indoor plants

Best Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Best Indoor Air Purifier Plants Queen of all air purifying indoor plants Truly, Snake plant is the queen of all air purifier plants which can eliminate several harsh chemicals from the air. It includes benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde which are often found in the air within homes. At the same time, the plant also produces […]

Best indoor flowering plants

30+ Best Indoor Flowering Plants

Brighten up your home with low-maintenance indoor plants that bloom all year long. There are a variety of colorful and inexpensive options on this list, all with the longest bloom time. To get started, the general rule of thumb is to purchase mature plants rather than seeds, unless you have an abundance of patience and […]

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