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Best Indoor Air Purifier Plants

Queen of all air purifying indoor plants

Truly, Snake plant is the queen of all air purifier plants which can eliminate several harsh chemicals from the air. It includes benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde which are often found in the air within homes. At the same time, the plant also produces oxygen and gives respite from several airborne sensitivities.

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Best Selling Combo Air Purifying Plants

Curated Single Air Purifying Plants

House plants do a lot more for your interiors than just bloom there to illuminate the ambience with their greenery. Quite often, they offer several benefits as well. However, most people place them in their homes to improve the aesthetics.

Contrary to popular belief, indoor air can hold a large number of harsh pollutants which can be severely detrimental to health. Staying protected within the walls of your home does not protect you from air pollution, as previously thought. While air purifiers are not an option for everyone at all times, air purifying indoor plants can work the magic and bring much-needed respite from air pollution.

You will be surprised to know that there are over 50 different air purifying plants indoors which have a positive impact of eliminating harmful pollutants. Besides, they also bring several therapeutic benefits to the owner, such as better sleep, improved focus and an overall improvement in well-being.

Top air purifying indoor plants to buy today! 

Here are the top air purifying indoor plants with names so that you can choose the best one for your home interiors. You can place them to decorate your home and make them useful as air purifying plants. Take a look at the top options to find the best one for your home.

Areca Palm

It is very efficient at filtering out harmful chemicals, some of which are xylene and acetone. We go around using many household products daily, without realising how they leave their print on our surroundings. Nail varnish, detergents and cosmetics generally leave behind traces of several chemicals around them. And it acts as one of the best air purifying indoor plants.

Rubber Plant

Among the most popular air purifying indoor plants is this one which can absorb harsh chemicals through the large surface area on its leaves. One of its notable benefits is the absorption of carbon dioxide and conversion into oxygen.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is among the most popular air purifying indoor plants which have been used by people for more than one purpose. It is known that the gel inside the plant leaves of aloe vera possesses anti-bacterial properties. Plus, the plant is among the best air purifying indoor plants in India. They can be bought easily to get rid of toxic chemicals which can be found in several everyday products.

Spider Plant

Known as the best antioxidant air purifying indoor plant, it is quite effective at removing traces of ammonia, xylene and benzene. Spider plants can easily creep inside your home through cleaning products and furniture items. It is effortless to grow the plant and decorate it inside your home. Spider Plant is among the most popular indoor air purifying plants since it can clear up close to 90% of the toxic air in your house within two days.

English Ivy

People with breathing difficulties can benefit from air purifying indoor plants such as these. It has the benefit of clearing up mucus glands and removing blockages around the airway passages. Ivy has also been used for medical reasons for several purposes to provide improvement in lung health and liver disorders.

Weeping Fig

With arching branches and pointed leaves, this one is a great air purifying indoor plant. This is also the official plant of Bangkok. And it grows quite slowly and needs proper maintenance to grow properly. Also, it is really efficient at filtering out several pollutants from the air, which are generally found on carpets and furniture.


If you are looking for sustainable air purifying indoor plants, then these might be your best friends. Choose options which require low light for your indoor space. You will have the option to choose something in different shapes and sizes.

Boston Fern

The plant is popular as a natural air filter, and also adds moisture to the air around you. People with dry skin and a tendency of sensitive nose and throat will also benefit from the plant.

Peace Lily

The plant can remove toxins from the air by up to 60%. The plant is also known to absorb moulds and spores from the air around you. They can commonly occur in the air through the dust. Since these plants take them in as food, it can be really useful for people with a known allergy. High humidity areas are best to place these plants to make them useful and effective.

Parlour Palm

It is not uncommon to spot one of these air purifying indoor plants at workplaces and homes. Since they need low light and humidity levels, they can easily thrive indoors. On the plus side, they also improve the quality of indoor air quite effectively. This is why they are among the most popular air purifying indoor plants. You will also find these on NASA’s list of top 50 indoor plants to clean air.

How should you maintain your indoor plants to ensure they continue to clean the air around you?

  • Air purifying indoor plants are best for placement in medium light locations, depending on the amount of light that they need. Exposing them to excessive or far too lower light can stop their healthy growth.
  • Although the soil of the plants does require moisture at most times, you must take care not to overwater them. At the same time, the leaves of the plant must also not drench in excessive water which can dampen their natural function.
  • Take care not to place such air purifying indoor plants at a trouble spot such as near an area of excessive heat or cold. Keep them away from air conditioning ducts.
  • Take care to remove waste leaves and stems from time to time. And take care to store them at an ideal temperature between 18 to 28 degrees.
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