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Top 5 ideas to Decorate Living Rooms With Bonsai Plants

You just got a new home or apartment and you want it to look its best. While you love the furniture that you have and the walls are painted to match the carpet, there is something that is missing. What is it?

After thinking about it for a bit or discussing it with your family, you come to the conclusion that it is due to a lack of plants. There is something to be said about homes with plants – the air quality can also be noticeably different. So you want to get bonsai plants or trees.

Bonsai plants and trees can act as an excellent complement to your wall art. It can lend a certain look. They are also very easy to maintain.

Buying bonsai planters online can be a great way to find the perfect container for your bonsai tree. Look for ones that are the right size and shape for your tree, and consider the material and style to complement your decor. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect bonsai planter to showcase your tree.

Decorating Your Place

Here are five ideas about how to decorate your living room with Bonsai trees:

1. Put Them On Pedestals Around The Living Room

You can add to the decor of your living room by having these beautiful attractions sitting around on pedestals. That way, your guests can walk around and look at them. It can be like a museum exhibit of bonsai plants – velvet ropes are optional.

2. Make Them Be The Center of Attention

You can make a theme around these bonsai plants. – you can prune them to look like certain trees or make them have unique shapes. Place them where people will first notice them. This can make your living room become a place that people want to congregate.

3. Make Them Be a Fall Decoration

Fall is a great time of year. You can make your bonsai plants look perfect  for the season by embracing the different colors the deciduous ones’ leaves will become . There are a lot of ways that you can do that.

4. Make Them Christmas Decorations

You don’t have to go get a big Christmas tree. Instead, you can put holiday decorations, like ornaments, on the bonsai plants. This is an excellent way to show your Christmas spirit.

5. Put Them in The Living Room Windowsill

You can not only show your family and guests how great your bonsai plants look but you can also show your neighbors, too. Put them on the windowsill and offer a great view. Who knows, someone may knock and ask questions about them.

Taking Care Of Your Bonsai

Taking Care Of Your Bonsai

Has this increased your interest in bonsai plants and trees? Can you see yourself taking care of them? There are a few things to think about when it comes to taking proper care of them.

1. Make Sure They Are In The Right Size Pot

One of the worst things you can do is put your bonsai into a pot that will stifle the growth of its roots. You don’t have to keep upgrading the size, though – you can prune those roots to keep them the same length.  The pot should have a length of roughly ⅔ the size of the tree.

2. Keep The Area Around Them Humid

The last thing you want is for the air around your bonsai to go dry. That will then dry up the soil that they are in. Make sure that they are kept in a humid part to ensure that the soil will stay moist and help provide them with the nutrients they need.

3. Don’t Prune Them Too Much

It can be easy to get a little too overzealous with the scissors. You just sort of zone out and keep on snipping away when you should stop at a certain point. Otherwise, you may wind up cutting off too many leaves and wind up killing your plant.

4. Put Them in The Sun For The RIght Length of Time

Typically, you should leave a bonsai in the light for between 5-6 hours. If they are left out there longer, it won’t kill them – you just need to water them more often. You can also put a grow light over them for that same amount of time if you are indoors.

5. Put Them in the Right Spot

This means not putting them over a heat source like a radiator. If you do that, you risk them drying out and dying really fast. Put it in the sunlight where it will get about five hours of sun per day.

6. Be on The Lookout For Pests and Fungal Disease

This is important whether you have an indoor or outdoor bonsai. See if there are any signs of pests or fungal disease. You can cut off the diseased parts and then put a fungicide to keep the plant healthy.

Don’t Fall For These Myths

There are a few things that beginner bonsai owners might get wrong. You can avoid being one of them by not paying attention to these myths:

  • Myth: The Bonsai Is Indoor Only –  While this post is all about decorating your living room with your bonsai plants, it is not the only place for them. They can also be put outside. There are some types, like tropical ones, that do best outside and there are others that do better inside.
  • Myth: If You Want To Keep Your Bonsai Small, Don’t Fertilize It –  You can do this … if you don’t want to have your bonsai live for very long. Your bonsai needs to have fertilizer to stay healthy. Do not skimp on this.
  • Myth: The Bonsai Came From Japan. – Actually, the tradition of pruning bonsai is from China. The people who created this were Chinese monks who did this as an effort to remind themselves or their childhood. While this myth is not something that could harm the bonsai, it’s still a good thing to know about its history.
  • Myth: Pruning The Bonsai Hurts It – No, the bonsai would not be screaming in pain if it could talk. You are giving it the sunlight and nutrients it needs. Also, smaller trees tend to outlive their larger counterparts.
  • Myth: Bonsai is a Very Expensive Hobby –  When you hear about bonsai, you tend to think of wealthy elites who do this in their mansions. That is not true. You can get bonsai trees for a very inexpensive price.

You don’t have to be someone with a green thumb in order to be a great caretaker for bonsai plants. There are a lot of online resources out there for people who are interested in getting them for their homes. This can help guide you to keeping them around for a very long time.

If you are interested in getting several bonsai plants, you can get inexpensive pots and soil for them. Then you can find a lot of resources online about how to care for them. By making them part of your decor, you can improve how your home looks.

It can be a lot of fun having a bonsai tree, especially when it comes to trimming them to look like certain things. People like getting these since they are fairly easy to care for and often make fantastic beginner plants.

Hopefully, one of these choices to decorate your living room with a bonsai plant will be one that you like. They will do a great job complementing your wall art. Enjoy having the plants and taking care of them.

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