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Home Decor Ideas For Kids Parties

Diy Home Decor Ideas For Kids Parties

You want to throw a party for your kid at your home instead at one of those crowded theme restaurants or parks. That way, you get to control how you want it to look and what kind of memories you want everyone who attends to have. But what can you do to make everything look the absolute best way possible?

Relax. We’re here to provide ideas for home decor for parties that will wow everyone who attends. Read on to see what we have to offer.

Cherry Balloons

One of the best foods to have during the summer is cherries. If your party is taking place during this season, this would be a great theme to have. The decor is pretty easy to set up.

All you have to do is get red balloons and inflate them. Then you can get some green construction paper and make the leaves and stems for the cherries. After you’ve done that, you can hang them up on the walls or set them up on a string that runs from one side of a room to the other so that they can be dangling cherries.

Paper Stars

Home decoration with Paper Stars

Do you and your children love stars? You don’t have to grab these from the sky. All you need is a good supply of construction paper and a love of crafts – having kids who are into doing crafts too can help.

You can make them into intricate patterns if you want or you can just go simple and create one-dimensional ones. Then you can do things like putting glitter on them to make them sparkle like the ones that dot the nighttime sky.

Pirate Themed Items

Arrr… shiver me timbers. You don’t need to find a treasure chest full of lost gold to be able to get the materials that you need to be able to do a pirate-themed party for your kids. All you need is an imagination.

To start off, you can send out pirate-themed invitations that include a treasure map that points to your home. That will set the theme nicely. Then you can create pirate ships out of material that you have in your home.

Make everyone feel like a pirate by making things like eyepatches. People can put gifts into a treasure chest. By the time your party is over, people will gladly walk off the plank to go home.

Sports Themed Items

Home decoration with sports themed items

Are you in a family that eats, drinks, and breathes sports? Rather than have to spend a lot of money taking them to a game – especially if it’s a major sport – you can make things at home that will make them feel like they are in a sports paradise. You won’t have to pay a multi-million dollar to get everything you need, either.

Instead, you can draw or print out images, like their favorite players and team logos. Hang them up all around the house. You can even make paper team jerseys or uniforms to put on the walls.

Confetti-Themed Items

You can create a lot of things with confetti on them and create a lot of different patterns that will make your home stand out. Put them up on the wall and make it look truly unique. You can also put them on balloons to have them be something that stands out from ordinary balloons that may have a message on them or just be in one uniform color.

Getting the paper and creating the confetti is a simple thing. You can get your kids to help here – of course, supervise any that are very young since they may not know scissor safety. Put your own spin on your balloons and have people talk about them for a long time after the party has ended.

What’s so great about all of these is that they most likely won’t break your budget – you could even wind up being able to get the gifts that you wanted to. That will make your kid happy. Then they will have great memories themselves of those parties.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Are you going to have a cheerleader-themed party? Rather than having to spring for multiple pom poms, you can actually make them out of paper. They will look great during the party and then you can just recycle them later – fun for the party and then good for the environment afterwards. That’s a Win-win for everyone involved!



What kid doesn’t love animals? You don’t have to organize a zoo trip or go get expensive animal cutouts to put up on your walls or animal-themed table cloths. Instead, you can do everything that you want from the comfort of your own home and create whatever you want rather than have to worry about what’s on the market.

You can create anything from lions to elephants to giraffes or any other animal that your child and their friends love. They can be made from all types of materials, including construction or drawing paper. You can even make trees or shrubs from the paper to add to the whole theme. 

Hot Air Balloons

Have you and your kids always wanted to take to the skies in a hot air balloon or have you done that in the past? While you might not be able to recreate what it’s like to be in a large basket and be hundreds of feet above the ground, you can still make a distinct theme that will make it look like there are balloons in the sky.

All you have to do is get a bunch of balloons and tape them to the wall – preferably a blue one that can evoke riding on a clear day without a cloud in the sky. Then you can make paper baskets under the balloons. You can even put yellow or orange paper to represent the fire that sends these hot air balloons into the sky.


Is your kid having a party during the summer? You can make things that signify that time of year – a mock beach, or other summer-like destinations. There are plenty of materials out there that allow you to make the creatures that populate the beaches, like fish or crabs or even sharks … cute sharks, though.

What about the fall? You can recreate all the vibrantly colored leaves that fall on the ground – without the need for a lot of raking afterwards. Is it near Halloween? Make pumpkins out of orange and black construction paper. Winter can have you make snowy decorations and spring can give you the chance to make brightly-colored flowers.

Use your imagination and create things that will transform your home into a wonderful party site. There are so many items that you can order online for a fraction of what you would pay at a theme park or restaurant.  Ultimately, it will be the thought you put into it, not the price tag.

The choices seem to be infinite, don’t they? You need to sit and think about what your child likes and what the other children who will be attending also enjoy seeing at the party. It can feel like a delicate balancing act – but when you pull it off, it can be so much fun for everyone involved.

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