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Indoor Plants As Per Vastu

20+ Best Indoor Plants As Per Vastu

Vastu Shastra or Vastu, as it is commonly known, is a 5000-year-old knowledge that is considered to bring peace and prosperity to homeowners. Why just house prosperity? That is because it is the “Science of Construction”. 

By following the rules of Vastu Shastra it is believed that you can bring peace, harmony, health, and prosperity into your life. This is possibly why it is recommended that everybody who owns a house follow the principles of Vastu for plants, be it setting up a home garden or decorating your indoors with greens.

It is extremely natural for you to be curious as to what will be the best plant for your house. Here are the top 20 picks that will benefit your house the most, in the best possible manner. The best indoor plants as per Vastu are:-

Top 20 picks for your place

1. Money Plant


One of the most commonly found plants in the Indian household is a money plant. With the scientific name of Epipremnum aureum, this is easily one of the most durable plants that you can find. It is known to bring positive vibes to the house, mark the advent of wealth, and destroy negative energy in its surroundings. 

Also, a natural air purifier famous for giving out fresh oxygen, and its green leaves are known for dealing with stress and anxiety.

Words of Vastu – The plant when kept inside a house should be kept in the southeast direction.

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo

This pretty pot is a household plant that is easy to care for and grows well in indirect sunlight. To be clear on one aspect, this is not a real bamboo plant but a tropical water lily that goes by the name Dracaena sanderiana.

The lucky bamboo plant is arguably one of the most popular Feng Shui cures. It is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to whatever place you decide to grow it.

Other than attracting peace, positive energy, luck, and prosperity, the lucky bamboo also works as an amazing tabletop or desk plant.

Words of Vastu – The best location for the plant is in the east or southeast part of the house, To avail maximum benefits of the plant, you should go for 6 stalks.

3. Snake Plant


Famous by the name viper’s bowstring hemp, the snake plant is often found in houses owing to its durability. The name, of course, is given to them due to the pointy nature of the fully grown leaves. In fact, it is because of this toughness, that these are often described as indestructible.

It is one of the saplings that is known to release oxygen even at night, hence proving to be an excellent bedroom plant. Not just this, their resilient nature helps them survive even if you forget to water them once in a while (don’t make a habit of it though).

Snake plants not only provide a healthy environment for your house by absorbing harmful toxins like formaldehyde but also spread positive energy in the house where they are grown in.

Words of Vastu – To reduce stress and promote a positive ambiance in the house, keep the plant in the south or east part of the bedroom.

4. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Although considered to be a bit of an omen when planted outdoors, more specifically in the garden, but is known to bring a bit of fortune with it when kept indoors, in a pot. Not just this, it is also pet friendly, for people who love their Vastu as well as their dogs. Adding to the advantages is the fact that it is great at purifying oxygen for your place.

The fortune brings in is related to financial prosperity in the form of wealth and commercial success to the house.

Words of Vastu – The best place for a rubber plant is in the southeast direction of a living room. It is the best place to help one attract money and commercial success.

5. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

This small beauty, with its round leaves and smooth unique texture, is known to bring luck and symbolizes growth, prosperity, wealth, and positive energy. Also if you are having a little tiff with your friends, the Jade Plant might help in the flourishing of your friendship.

You do not need to be lucky to know how to properly care for a healthy jade plant because it is fairly easy.

Words of Vastu – To make the most of your plant and attract the maximum energy, keep it in the southeast direction of your house. But be careful not to keep the plant in the bedroom or bathroom as that might bring negative energy into the house.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

One of the most common plants found in the Indian household, Aloe Vera is famous for its medicinal properties. From being applied on faces to deal with acne, to relieving hair of dandruff, our mothers haven’t understated the utility of this small being.

Aloe vera loves bright sunlight and can be kept happy by letting it sit in the direct sunlight. Your window sill might be the best place for the plant to be. Not only does it emit oxygen in your house but also ensures the flow of prosperity, and happiness into your home. Beauty with benefits ain’t it?

Words of Vastu – By keeping it in the north or east direction of your place you are to bring positive energy to your house and help ward off the negativity that might enter your home.

7. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are known for their dark glossy leaves and the tolerant yet contrasting white that comes along with them. The most important thing to note is the fact that they top all-round results in NASA’s Clean Air Study state that these are one of the best indoor plants to own, owing to their ability to rid your home of high quantities of formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene and ammonia from your abode.

Over and above the science talk, the plant, like its namesake, brings peace to a house, wards off negative energy, and also ends up attracting good vibes.

Words of Vastu – The best place for your plant friend is near a bedroom window to bring in calmness, peace, and tranquillity in your life along with good luck to the ambiance.

8. Holy Basil

Indian Basil

Holy basil, or the Tulsi/Tulasi plant as we know it, is a native to the Indian subcontinent and is known to have numerous medicinal properties. It is one of the best natural air purifiers available as it produces oxygen, and then there is the consumption of the leaves that helps remove all sorts of toxins from the body. 

But this is not the only thing it helps with, it is also known to create a sense of positivity in the house.

Words of Vastu – When you keep a holy basil or tulsi plant in your house, remember to place it in the north, north-east, or east direction to create a pleasant sort of energy in the house.

Be careful that you don’t place them in the southmost direction of your house.

9. Lavender


With all the greens around, your house might need a pop of color that can be brought in with a small lavender plant in the house. Lavender is a beautiful flowering herb and is usually grown for decorative and medicinal purposes. And you should not underestimate it as just a pretty-looking flower.

The plant acts as a mood elevator which helps in providing the home with a stress-free atmosphere and helps improve the quality of sleep.

Words of Vastu – When kept in the bedroom, the plant should be placed near a window that receives plenty of sunlight to promote healthy relationships. It also plays an important role in promoting love in the house.

10. Peony

The peony is a very beautiful flowering plant and is also known to be a significant promoter of optimism and love in the house where it is grown. This delicate plant needs a little attention with regards to sunlight and water (a little misting now and then, without letting the flowers dry) but it more than compensates for it by bringing a lot to the table. 

It doesn’t only give an appeal to your home , bust also brings in positive energy that helps in enhancing relationships in the household.

Words of Vastu – Gifting your romantic partner peonies are considered auspicious and as mentioned before. It helps enhance the quality of the said relationship. In addition to this, the presence of the plant in the southwest corner of the house can help bring home much-needed positivity and optimism. 

11. Chrysanthemum


A thing of beauty, these cute flowers that go by the name of mums or chrysanths, are known to be decorative or ornamental flowers that bring in a pleasant look to your house. Although pretty, these are considered a symbol of death and grief, as they are used as decorations for mourning. 

But you have nothing to worry about if you keep a small potted version of it in your house. In this case, they are considered a symbol of happiness, positive energy, optimism, and good luck. Other than this, it often offers a peaceful and easygoing life to the owner.

Words of Vastu – To attract happiness, good luck, and creativity, you have to place the plant in the living room. One needs to steer clear of the bedroom otherwise it might bring negativity to the home.

12. Orchids


Orchidaceae, or the orchid, is a diverse family of flowering plants that brings a colorful and fragrant environment to your house. They are known to mesmerize people with their beauty. In addition to this, they have been associated with bringing good luck with them when they are planted indoors.

They are also known to bring positive energy, growth, and prosperity to the house where a small pot of orchid is planted.

Words of Vastu – The plants should be placed in the southwest direction of the room to bring perfection, abundance, and growth. Gifting orchids at marriages and baby showers are considered fortunate for both people.

13. Jasmine


This is a genus of shrubs and vines of the olive family. With over 200 species native to tropics and temperate regions, some of which are known to be indoor plants as well. 

Jasmine is known to have white flowers that bring a pleasant smell to your home that helps uplift your mood most naturally. They can help in spreading positive energy, in turn getting rid of negative vibes which ultimately promotes love.

Words of Vastu – The plant should be kept in the east or north of the house to reap maximum benefits for your abode. In this position, they attract positive energy and help soothe your nerves.

14. Marigold


No Indian household has ever gone without a zest of marigold in their house at least once in its lifetime. The warm, soothing tone of the flowers will add an oomph to your place. Not just this, they also help in attracting positive energy for your family.

Words of Vastu – Growing these plants with yellow flowers in the home brings energy, positivity, and vibrance to the household. One should keep the plant in the north or east direction of the house.

15. Daffodils

Charming as these beauties are, they are not just pretty faces. Though they do deserve a place in your garden but can bring good luck to you even when you grow them indoors. The beautiful yellow buds are known to bring with them a pleasant atmosphere. These are definitely lucky indoor plants as per Vastu

Words of Vastu – This plant is trusted to bring fortune in your life and rewarding professional life. To reap maximum benefits, grow the plant in the north or the north-eastern direction of your home.

16. Hibiscus

This pretty flower that all of us remember from our science class (the diagram that haunts us), is known best to be an outdoor plant but has yielded well into the reputation of a houseplant as well. Dwarf hybrid cultivators grow them just 2-3 feet tall and are best suited as an indoor plant.

Words of Vastu -By keeping the plant in the east direction of the house, you can bring in a lot of positivity in the house, along with a massive amount of vibrant energy.

17. Plum Blossom

Prunus mume, or as it is commonly known, plum blossom, is a native to East and Southeast Asia. You might have heard about it for it goes by many names, including Chinese plum, Japanese plum, and Japanese apricot to name a few. It is known to possess the power to attract wealth and power to the family that houses it.

Words of Vastu – Remember to plant the blossom in the northeast direction of the house to help your house the most. In such a position the plant promotes happiness and positivity and is considered to be a good luck charm.

18. Chinese Flowers

Chinese flowers symbolize optimism and health. They mark the beginning of a new year, since the tree blossoms in spring. Not only do they bring in good luck for you and your loved one but are also known to add a zing of color and beauty to your house with absolute ease. 

Words of Vastu – The plant is supposed to be placed in the living room. They are known to promote goodwill and positivity and can improve the love connection between couples who house this plant.

19. Lotus

Although this is not a very conventional choice of plant one wants to place in their house, lotus, known for its beauty and resilient nature, has a lot of good vibrations associated with its name. It is associated with Ma Lakshmi and Lord Buddha, which increases its worth and makes it highly auspicious.

Words of Vastu – The lotus is known to attract salvation and wealth for its owners. Not just this, it can help strengthen morals and increase purity.

20. Lily


These pretty in pink (or white, yellow, red, or orange) are known for more than just their beauty and aroma. These enticing buds, according to Vastu, are a symbol of happiness, peace, and harmony. It helps people in the household manage every tough situation that they get into with grace.

Words of Vastu – Lilies are mostly associated with meditation hence one should make sure that the plant is in a place where one is most likely to practice its poses.

Know what not to get.

Now that we know what to buy, we must know what to avoid too!

Cacti and other thorny plants

These are on the top of the list that is meant to be avoided according to the Vastu Shastra. It is a very strong belief that keeping these in the house causes disputes amongst family members.

Dead or decaying plants

Just as healthy plants and flowers are a symbol of peace and good health, dead and decaying plants are the opposite. They are a sign of poor health and bring in negative energy in the house.

Creepers and climbers

The reason behind avoiding these is very scientific. The climbers/creepers are known to cling to the walls of your houses which inevitably lead to tiny cracks and crevices in the building. These tiny places are the best source of negative energy to seep into your house.


Another addition to the list is cotton. The plants are often referred to as inauspicious and bearers of bad luck in the Vastu belief system.


To conclude this discussion, you need to know that flowers and potted plants are versatile beings. Not only do they add to the beauty of your houses, but they are also known to have benefits beyond that. Some things cannot be explained in too many words, and the benefits of plants could be one of them.

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