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The choice of selection for ceramic pots over plastic pots has been a long-standing debate. You can find most gardeners who are inclined towards plastic pots, while others only prefer ceramic or clay pots. For houseplants, it is necessary to focus on the plant characteristics that help in selecting the pot. Ceramic is undoubtedly a wide variety that conveniently handles a plant’s moisture requirements and offers an attractive appearance. Let us try to understand more about ceramic plants covering their usefulness, benefits, and other essential aspects. 

Advantages of Ceramic Flower Pots

Ceramic or clay-based pots are usually available in glazed variants, which are perfect for indoor gardening. You can use these vibrant decorative elements to style your home décor most interestingly. Below mentioned are some of the main advantages of ceramic pots you should know about:  

  • A ceramic pot is useful in holding moisture that assists indoor plants to bloom well.
  • These pots are porous and hence provide sufficient air and moisture to the indoor plants.
  • Since ceramics are more massive compared to other pot materials, they can endure the weight of the growing plant.
  • Ceramic pots have thick walls that safeguard the plants from changing temperatures. For instance, during the summer season, the pot protects the plants from excessive heat. These pots are capable of trapping water within the soil to maintain an improved environment for plant growth.
  • Glazed ceramic pots showcase waterproof qualities. They can trap moisture that is suitable during hot weather.

Types of Ceramic Pots

Decorative Star Shaped Ceramic Flower Plant Pot

This variety of ceramic flower pot is available in a ribbed exterior. Such a design is perfect for creating fantastic decor for your home or office space. Interestingly, this ceramic pot also features a shielding saucer-barrier that smarty prevents water from spilling out. The decorative star-shaped pot comprises six holes at the bottom for assisting the drainage activity in getting rid of excessive moisture.

Hanging Planter 

These are hanging planters from Lasaki that can elegantly illuminate the look of your house. White ceramic is usually preferred for making these pots and is designed thoroughly to offer a hanging tri-planter. These ceramic pots can be placed in your balcony or porch area for dazzling your house interior.

Patio Pot

People who wish to have a bigger ceramic flower pot to add more glamour to their patio, balcony, or indoor section will use stylish Patio Ceramic Pots. These pots are available in broad color variants, like blue jean, fossil stone, ember, stone, grained beige, vanilla, etc. Such planters offer a timeless appeal that easily syncs with any interior design.

Self-Watering Glazed Ceramic Pot

The presence of self-watering ceramic pots is surely a better option for your houseplants. Typically, these pots are glazed on the outside and work as a gorgeous decorative masterpiece. Water can quickly trickle into the plaint pot, whereas the excess water directly travels to the second ceramic pot. Such an arrangement is helping in locking moisture.

Ceramic Pots Online

If you plan to revamp your indoor garden space or home décor, the addition of ceramic pots should be a priority. Each of your chosen houseplants will be safely managed in ceramic pots that are well-suited for safeguarding their growth. You can check out ceramic flower pots online in India that comprise several stylish and unique varieties of ceramic pots for plants or bonsai pot online for bonsai tree. Several renowned online websites deal in exotic houseplants and ceramic pot options at affordable prices. Try keeping your search active and compare the seller performance and customer response for better insight about the ceramic pot provider.

FAQs About Ceramic Pots

  • How to plant a glazed-type ceramic pot?

Ans: You need to spread a layer of small rocks at the bottom of the pot. Such an action prevents the soil from seeping out of the drainage holes. For pots that do not have drainage holes, you can fill the bottom using 1-2 inches of pottery shards. This action helps prevent the roots from getting damaged from water-logging.

  • Is the color of ceramic pots important?

Ans: The act of coloring your ceramic pots is associated with attracting heat for the plant. It is believed that light-colored pots reflect heat and help in keeping the roots at a cold temperature.

  • What can I put at the bottom of my pot for drainage?

Ans: It is essential to select high-quality potting soil, which is well-draining. For instance, if the plant requires additional drainage, try adding PermaTill, perlite, or organic matter and the potting soil to enhance its drainage aspects.

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