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10+ Money plant Benefits That Will Make you Keep It In Your House

money plant benefits

The benefits of money plant are more than what meets the eye- this green companion does more than add charm to your space, which is why you probably noticed them gracing homes, offices, cafes, and shops, and it’s not by chance. 

First and foremost the name says it all, Money Plant has a knack for attracting wealth and that’s given them a top space for feng shui and vastu believers. 

Even if you are not a believer in feng shui, you will consider getting one cause, they are not just about the money, they come with a bundle of physical and mental health perks too. I have listed those benefits in this article. So let’s dive into the world of money plant benefits. 

Quick Facts about Money Plants:

Scientific NameEpipremnum aureum
Common namesDevil’s Ivy, Silver Vine, Golden Pothos.
TypesSprint Leaf Money Plant, Marble Queen, Silver, and Golden Money Plant.
LeavesSmall heart-shaped leaves.
Maintenance Easy to grow.
PropagationThey have versatile decorative potential. You can showcase it as a hanging basket plant, put it in the ground and let it trail in the wall, or showcase it in a pot. 
DecorThey have versatile decorative potential. You can showcase it as a hanging basket plant, put them in the ground and let it trail in the wall, or showcase it in a pot. 

10+ money plant benefits:

  1. Money Plant Benefits: Brings Wealth

I’m addressing this point in the first place solely because of the name, even though the exact mechanisms behind this association may remain a matter of belief, according to feng shui, Vastu, and many others believe that a money plant brings prosperity and wealth when placed in the house, But a proper placement is important, which is the southeast part of the house. On the other hand, the Northeast part of the house is considered to bring financial loss. 

(I will discuss the placement in detail later in this article)

It is believed that if you position the plant according to vastu principles and feng shui in your home or office space, you will get an abundance of fortune and wealth. 

  1. Money Plant Benefits: Cleans Air

Money plants are powerful natural air purifiers. It plays a great role in clearing indoor air pollution caused by VOCs.

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are a large group of chemicals that are derived from household products like paint, varnishes, caulks, adhesives, cosmetics, gasoline, and smoking. Some common examples of these VOCs that we unknowingly inhale in our daily lives are formaldehyde, benzene, tetrachloroethylene, and 1,3-butadiene. All of these VOCs cause Headaches, Nausea/vomiting, Dizziness if you consume them for hours, and even Liver & kidney damage if consumed in large amounts. 

Money plants not only kill those airborne pollutants but also produce oxygen at night, making them one of the best plants to keep inside your bedroom.

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  1. Money Plant Benefits: Cleans Water
money plant in aquarium

Money plant in the aquarium

Aquatic life can get benefits from money plants as well. For that, you need to grow your money plant in water. But be cautious, cause money plants are not naturally aquatic plants. But they can survive in water. Just ensure the roots are staying below the water and the other half of the plant above the water. If grown in such a way, it will absorb nitrate from water, which is known as a harmful component for fish and other water lives. 


  • ​No matter what, keep the leaves of the plant out of water, or else it will lead to rotting. 
  • Fish sometimes may act like your curious furry pets and nibble on the plant, but it’s okay you don’t need to worry about it. 

  1. Money Plant Benefits: Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

It is believed by feng shui and Vastu that the money plant brings positivity and goodness everywhere. The plant is believed to bring peace to the house and has the magical power to resolve every issue. 

Beliefs may vary from man to man, but even if you don’t believe in Vastu or feng shui, you can still rely on money plants in terms of bringing a peaceful environment around you. Study shows that interacting with green plants daily reduces stress and promotes a comfortable and shooting feeling. In conclusion, if you view the money plant for 3-5 minutes a day, you will gain psychological relaxation which will boost your productivity. 

  1. Money Plant Benefits: Increases Humidity

If you live in a dry region, you should definitely get a money plant, cause money plants transfer water in the atmosphere through evaporation, resulting in increased moisture in the air which helps with dry throat, chapped lips, and allergies. 

  1. Money Plant Benefits: Medicinal Benefits

The benefits of money plants lie in numerous medicinal and health benefits as well. 

First and foremost, its air purifying quality is beneficial for people who have asthma. 

According to feng shui believers, if you keep your money planted near a WiFi router, it will keep adults safe from getting heartache and children from getting sick. 

Money plants release oxygen at night, so if you keep one in your bedroom it will promote better sleep quality and boost your energy for the next day. 

There’s a mystery syndrome, where people living in a building feel sick or uncomfortable, without any specific reasons or signs. This is called sick building syndrome or SBS. Money plants have proven to neutralize the symptoms of this syndrome. 

  1. Money Plant Benefits: Anti-Radiator

Many believe that keeping money plants near electronic devices like TVs, desktops, and WiFi routers will absorb the radiation coming out of them. 

Scattering money plants around your house will effectively reduce electric and magnetic field radiation (EMF) and clean the air. The plant can absorb radiation through deposition, translocation, and root absorption. 

  1. Money Plant Benefits: Keep Relationship Issues At Bay

Mends friendship issues: 

Money plant leaves, heart-shaped, are believed to obtain good luck and maintain friendships when gifted.

Marital relationship:

Keeping money plants in the southeast direction is believed to maintain a healthy environment at home, thus keeping all marital tension and issues away. 

Fixes broken relationships:

As the leaves of the plant are heart-shaped, it fetches devotion, laughter & pleasure in the family. It also aids in healing broken relationships & enhances the bonding between family members of the home.

  1. Money Plant Benefits: Feng Shui Approved

According to Feng Shui, money plants convey plenty of adequate vibes to your home. These pleasing vibes cause the people living there to feel cheerful. These plants create comfy and peaceful surroundings, making it less likely for people in the family to argue and more likely for everyone to get along well.

  1. Money Plant Benefits: Give Fruits With Little Attention

Well not exactly ‘fruits’ but the expected results of green heaven. Money plants are affordable and we sell them at cheap prices to ensure they won’t dent your pocket to add a piece of green in your house. It’s easy to propagate as well, so you can multiply from one plant. 

Other than that, they are extremely easy to maintain. The fact that not being an aquatic plant, they can still expand in water is telling how easy to maintain these plants are. Water it every 2-3 weeks in winter and once a week every summer, and that’s it, they will survive. 

  1. Money Plant Benefits: They Are Green And Beautiful

​Just like any other indoor plant, money plants will brighten up your space by adding a splash of nature at an affordable price. You can employ tons of fun ways to present your money plant as they can be decorated in plenty of different styles- hanging basket, wall trailing, tabletop, corner self, etc. 

Whether you prefer a small or big plant, the money tree’s gorgeous vibrant, and shiny green leaves will add a burst of natural colour to any room.

Where to keep money plants?

LocationAbsorbs radiations, and helps reduce electronic stress.Why it’s good
Living roomSoutheastAttracts luck and prosperity, linked to wealth symbols.
North Facing entrance House entranceBrings new career opportunities and income sources.
KitchenNear windowMakes the environment less suffocating.
CornersAny cornerMinimises stress and negativity.
BathroomSoutheastGood for plants as they grow well in humidity.
Near electronicsTV, computer, routerAbsorbs radiations, helps reduce electronic stress.

Where not to keep money plants?

Location to avoidWhy is it not good?
East-West directionMay lead to financial problems.
NortheastCan result in loss of money, health issues, and conflicts.
Outside the houseExcess sunlight can dry the plant.
Near Kitchen StoveIt can take away the plant’s luck and wealth.
West and SouthwestCan lead to instability in relationships.

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Last few lines

Apart from being a part of your space decoration, the benefits of money plants are countless. It is believed to bring peace, prosperity, and fortune to your home. Hope the article helped you to understand the goodness of the plant and inspired you to enjoy its company. 


Can you give a money plant to someone?

Yes, absolutely! You can gift money plants to others. Gifting a money plant is considered a kind and positive gesture. 

How many money plants can be kept in a house?

There’s actually no limit on the numbers, but it solely depends on the space available in your house. You can definitely have one for each space to keep the indoor air clean. 

Can money plants be kept in the bedroom?

Money plants can be kept in the bedroom. In fact it’s recommended by experienced plant owners, mainly because these plants release oxygen at night, which will provide the healthiest atmosphere in your bedroom. But ensure you are keeping it near a window, because keeping the plant healthy is important as well. 

Do money plants bring wealth?

As per feng shui, the money plant is associated with wealth and believed to bring good luck and financial prosperity. 

Why is it called a money plant?

Even though the money plant has a connection with prosperity and wealth, the name was coined because the flat, green, and tiny leaves resemble a coin if you use your imagination. 

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