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pachira bonsai care guide

Pachira Bonsai Care Guide

Pachira Bonsai Plant Overview

A Pachira bonsai is an ideal representation of fortune and good luck. Additionally, it is easy to care for. Pachira Aquatica, a tropical member of the Malvaceae family, is an excellent choice for any kind of bonsai growing, but especially for those wishing to incorporate feng shui into their aesthetics. You can have a money tree plant in your office or home to keep your customers and employees relaxed. A pleasant working environment can lead to an increase in productivity. Moreover, You can beautify your retail space with Pachira bonsai to encourage customers to spend more time in your store – the next best thing to money-growing trees!

Pachira Bonsai Care


Will take various light conditions, but neither direct sunlight or deep shade.


A surviving plant will get by with watering just once a month, however to get the plant thriving it will need to be done at least once a fortnight. Very tolerant of under watering, but will succumb quickly to rotting if overwatered.


Not important


Feed your Haworthia very occasionally and when you do, ensure it’s only a weak solution.


Average warmth between Spring and Autumn / Fall. Cooler in Winter although, if possible, not “cold” and absolutely no lower than 4°C / 40°F.


Haworthia to outgrow its pot quickly, therefore repotting is only required infrequently and usually only when offsets have filled the pot. Once the time has come, just choose a pot slightly bigger than the last and use a similar soil composition to what was being used previously.


When you repot your Haworthia you can separate the offsets from the parent. Use a sharp knife and cut as close to the parent plant as possible, ensure the offset has some roots. Wait a day for the offset to dry slightly (this reduces the chances of the raw “wound” from rotting), then pot up in a small container using a standard potting or cactus compost mix. Water and keep warm.

NOTE: As it is a live plant, therefore its health might deteriorate because of shipping. Hence you are advised to allow the plant to recover to its best of health within 1-2 weeks of the receipt. Here are few points which will help you to take care of your plant. Please feel free to contact us in case of any advice about the plant.

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