Clay Saucepan – 1.5 Litre

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In a clay saucepan, food is a lot tastier and more nutritious. The food is naturally cooked with no nutrient loss. Hence, providing you with a rich and flavored taste. The clay cookware adds nutrients to your food which are important for well-being. It is a premium clay product made with extreme passion and love for traditional Indian heritage and culture.

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Clay Saucepan

The Tall & Narrow design of Abana Homes Clay Saucepan allows heat to distribute evenly. This feature makes it a great choice for stewing, simmering, making soups, etc.

The Food Cooked in the Saucepan is rich in nutrients. Clay cookware adds Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur to food. This plays a major role in your well-being.

The Alkaline nature of clay pot neutralizes acidity in the food. They neutralize the pH balance and make food healthier and a lot tastier.

They are stove safe and easier to use. Made with the finest quality to make them sturdy cookware.

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How to use Clay Sauce Pan 

Use a clay saucepan only for cooking where the temperature rises gradually. A sudden rise or fall of the temperature cracks the pan. Do not add broth or cold water to the clay saucepan that is already heated.

When you are washing unglazed earthenware in the dishwasher, don’t put a clay saucepan in with it. It might scratch it.

Avoid using the scratchy powdered cleaner for cleaning this clay pan. Use only a mild soap. To remove food items stuck to your pan, soak them in water without detergent. The clay will absorb the detergent and make it poisonous.

Benefits of clay saucepan 

  • It is easy to use and improves the food quality.
  • Claypan causes heat and moisture to circulate evenly.
  • Food nutrient loss is reduced compared to cooking in metal
  • A clay saucepan adds important nutrients to food. Such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur. They are beneficial to your body.
  • The alkaline nature of the clay neutralizes the acidity in the food. This makes digestion easier.
  • Most importantly, oil is not important for cooking in a clay pan.
  • Food cooked in a clay pan is lower in fat compared to food prepared in any other method.

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1.5 liter


30.5 x 25.4 x 12.7 Centimeters (LxWxH)