Croton Petra Plant


Green, yellow, maroon, peach, orange – if there were ever a rainbow in plants, this would be it. As an eye-catching addition to any indoor space, the Croton Petra purifies the air while looking like a Baroque-style painting. Depending on the light and age of the leaf, the variegation in this stunning plant changes color.

details & care
  • Water:               Moderate
  • Light:                Bright light
  • Growth Rate:      Medium
  • Air Purifying:      Yes
  • Pet Friendly:       No
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Croton Petra plant, and Care Guide

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Croton Petra plant

The foliage of Crotons is some of the most vibrant and bold. These plants are known for their vivid yellow, orange, and red coloration, which makes them look high-maintenance. However, once they adapt to their new surroundings, they’re actually very low-maintenance.

The more light a Croton receives, the more colorful its foliage becomes. Greener leaves will emerge if they are in a spot with less sunlight.

Care guide

Light: Crotons Petra enjoys bright light and thrives in it, and in fact requires it to produce those stunning multi-colored leaves. However, they don’t like to be burned by the sun. If you are in a very hot or dry environment where the sun is oppressive, it is a good idea to put some shade cloth up so that your plant can absorb less of the direct UV rays during the heat of the day. If grown indoors, they do like brighter spots near windows or under grow lights.

Water: Like most tropical plants, this plant like humidity. It’s often beneficial to set your plant on top of a rock tray with a little water in it to help keep the moisture up around the plant. If you are raising the Croton Petra plant as a hanging plant, occasional misting will also help to increase the humidity. 

However, they also don’t like overwatering, so it’s best to only water them when the top half-inch to an inch of soil is dry to the touch. When you do water them, water until it starts to come out of the bottom of the pot, then wait until the soil dries out again before rewatering. 

Croton Petra plants can be susceptible to over-watering. If you find that your croton’s leaves are wilting, it is a sign of too much watering. If the lower leaves are drying out or falling off, that’s a sign of under-watering and your Croton Petra is thirsty.

Soil: Crotons prefer well-draining soil that contains plenty of organic matter. The pH level of good potting soil should be within the range of 3.5-6.5. High pH rock soil and calcium-rich soil are not advisable.

Fertilizer: For crotons, the most common fertilizer mix is 8-2-10, as they like a lot of potassium. The best time to feed them is in the early spring (Feb-March), then again in the late spring (May), so that they will have a good slow-release acidic fertilizer that will sustain them throughout the summer months. A third feeding may be necessary for younger plants somewhere between July and August. In the fall, do not fertilize, as the leaves need to mature and harden off before winter.

Growing tips for Croton Petra plant

  • Allow your Croton Petra plant to settle to your location first after receiving it.
  • Do not overwater the plant suddenly. 
  • Always check the moisture in the soil. If it is too dry then provide water gently.
  • Keep the plant in an indirect bright sunlight area.
  • Gradually move your plant from shade to the area that receives morning sunlight.
  • When you receive the plant, do not repot it right away.

Croton Petra plant benefits

  • Croton Petra is eye-catching, especially in bright dining rooms and living rooms where their foliage energizes a room.
  • You can grow this plant in indoor conditions as well as outdoor.
  • This plant can be used for Container, foundations, Hedges, Houseplant, Mixed Border, Screening, etc
  • The colorful foliage of croton along with its air purification ability makes it a definite benefit.

Additional information

Plant Name

Croton Petra Plant

Common Name

Croton, Zanzibar Croton

Native Area

Southeast Asia

Blooming time


Difficulty level





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