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Why should you buy Jade Plant or Jade Plant Bonsai?

  • Helps in boosting your financial status
  • Helps in your wellbeing
  • Helps you build a promising future.
  • Symbol of wealth and prosperity
  • A perfect gift to be exchanged between business partners

Learn more about dwarf jade plant, it’s care and benefits.

Jade plant bonsai is a traditional feng shui practice commonly known as Jade tree plant, dwarf jade plant, friendship tree, Crasula Ovata lucky plant or money plant in Feng Shui. The evergreen succulents with round and heart-shaped leaves is considered a symbol of good luck throughout Asia. It has thick branches, which are slightly reddish in color. Jade plant bonsai is an evergreen plant with thick, smooth, shiny leaves in the shape of a coin. Unlike other plants, Jade plant requires little care to stay beautiful inside your home. Given the right conditions, the plant blooms small stars like white and pink flowers in the spring season. During the Chinese new year, people place the jade plant over their stocks and investment certificates.

Benefits for Dwarf Jade Plant

It is believed that Jade plant activates financial energies and it is good to keep the plant in offices and homes. It is better to keep jade plants in office or near the money counter.  Feng Shui Practitioners have different beliefs related to the benefits of directions of locating the Jade plant. When placed in the south east direction, it is believed that this plant attracts more positive energy. When placed in the east direction, jade plants promote family harmony, health,  initiation of projects, scholarly pursuits. In southeast locations, it promotes wealth luck, in west location, creativity for children. When placed in a northwest location, it is proved lucky for mentors, teachers and helpful people. So in short, there is always a benefit in placing the Jade plant at any corner of the house except the bathroom.

Location for Dwarf Jade Plants

If you live in a condition where you cannot take care of your plant on a regular basis, or maybe there isn’t enough sunlight. Then, too, you can always bring some good fortune at your home and workplace, by keeping an artificial jade plant. It is a myth that an artificial jade plant transmits negative vibes, but on the contrary, it has almost the same effect as a natural one.

Care Instruction for Dwarf Jade Plant

Like any other plant make sure to take care of your Jade plant like a baby. It is recommended that your plant doesn’t grow longer than 3 feets. Also, let your plant be under some direct sunlight but not enough to burn it. During spring and summer season, fertilise your plant. Leaves of the Jade plant have the capacity to hold a good amount of water, so it is recommended not to overwater your plant. In winters, you can even water your plant once in three weeks. To keep your plant healthy, do not forget to remove the dead leaves from your plant. And obviously, when something is beneficial for your overall growth, why would you mind taking care of your little one?