Jade Plant
Good Luck Jade Plant in Ceramic Pot
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Good Luck Jade Plant in Ceramic Pot


  • Best Gifting Plant – Jade is considered to bring luck when gifted. So you can send the gift to your friends, family or the loved ones.
  • Beautiful Desk Plant – Good Luck Jade Plant is well placed indoors and mostly used as desk plant. You can use it anywhere you want.
  • Easy to care – Unlike other plants, Jade Plant needs very little attention. Keeping in good location and watering it based on the weather is sufficient to keep the plant growing.
  • Air Purifying Plant – Jade is considered to be the best air purifying plant as it is really good at absorbing toluene.
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20 cm


Anniversary, Love, Office, Return

Jade Plant – Auspicious Good Luck Plant

The Jade plant is considered very auspicious. The Jade plant is a good luck symbol for money. It is also known as “Money plant”, “Dollar plant” and “Friendship plant”.These plants can last a lifetime and grow to be very large with the proper care. Jade plant care is easy and simple. Many people enjoy growing jade plants in their homes and offices, and they are considered to be symbols of good luck.

Caring of Good Luck Jade Plant

The most important factors to consider when growing jade houseplants is water, light, temperature, and fertilizer.

Watering of Good Luck Jade Plant

Watering a Jade Plant One of the most important things when you care for jade plants is to make sure that they are watered properly. Never let a jade plant dry out completely. But also, do not water a jade plant too often, as this can cause root rot. Don’t water your jade plant on a schedule. Rather, water your jade plant when the top of soil is just dry to the touch. If your jade plant is losing leaves or has leaf spots, this is most commonly caused by too little water.

Location and Sunlight for Jade Plant

Sunlight Requirements of a Jade Plant Another important aspect of the care and maintenance of jade plants is how much sun they receive. They need full sun in order to grow properly. If they do not have full sun, they may become stunted and leggy.

Fertilizing your Good Luck Jade Plant

Fertilizing Your Jade plant about once every six months. Use a balanced water soluble fertilizer. An important thing to keep in mind is that you should water your jade plant in the regular way and then water it with the fertilizer water. Never fertilize your jade plant when the soil is dry, as this will damage the roots.

Why should you buy Good Luck Jade Plant

  • MONEY ATTRACTING PLANT : Jade plant is considered very auspicious.It is a good luck symbol for money also known as “Money plant”, “Dollar plant” and “Friendship plant”.
  • AIR PURIFIER – Jade plant is particularly good at absorbing toluene.
  • NATURAL GROWING: Natural live plant with white ceramic pot
  • NO MAINTENANCE REQUIRED: Need no maintenance and supervision.
  • LONG LASTING – These plants can last a lifetime and grow to be very large with the proper care.

More from Wikipedia

Crassula ovata, commonly known as jade plant, lucky plant, money plant or money tree, is a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers. It is native to South Africa and Mozambique, and is common as a houseplant worldwide. Much of its popularity stems from the low levels of care needed; the jade plant requires little water and can survive in most indoor conditions. It is sometimes referred to as the money tree; however, Pachira aquatica also has this nickname.

14 reviews for Good Luck Jade Plant in Ceramic Pot

  1. Manish

    I am really happy twith the plant

  2. N.Sitharam singh

    This is such a wonderful plant.. I ordered it 4 pieces and Its really good.

  3. Mukul Gundawar

    Excellent package for all items.but got 2items wrong ones.

  4. Sreelakshmi

    Keep the plant outside in the sun for few days for the plant to rejuvenate and later you could keep the plant inside your home. But, make sure there is a window nearby for the plant to get enough sunlight. I’m not quite sure if this plant is for good luck. I’d recommend keeping the plant out of the house if it doesn’t bring the ‘right energy’.

  5. Archana

    Came in a great condition even though it was shipped through India Post. Was superbly packed. Although one twig broke off while unpacking, but I’ll be using it to grow a new jade plant. The ceramic pot pot had coco peat to the top and was of good quality. Very satisfied overall.

  6. Vaibhav Devrao Patil

    Came in good packaging. No damages. Placed in sunlight for few hours after receiving. It’s more than a week since I bought it and no issues. Mainly placing it indoor but when possible keeping it out for some sun light and watering it when the soil is dry. There is proper drain facility at the bottom.

  7. Tomu shop

    Got a good plant and packing was also nice …but got different pot from the shown image will update about its condition

  8. kavita gajjar

    Good packing
    Plant in good health
    Advisory enclosed
    Pot is of good quality
    Looks good
    Must buy

  9. Ajay pandey

    Much better than expected. Recommend this one
    I have received the plant in excellent condition. Plant is very very healthy, Bright Red Ceramic pot looks very nice. It’s just like the picture shown above. It’s a cute Plant. which was delivered before on time. Overall, I am satisfied with my order and for that reason i can definitely recommend this one.

  10. Suipsita Das

    Received this almost one month ago. The Packaging was awesome. very well protected.
    Both the Plant and pot are the best!, looks exactly like the one in pic.
    The Plant was and still is healthy and doing very well after a soil change and re-potting. Great roots.
    New healthy green foliage are sprouting. and its looking gorgeous!
    You need to treat this plant as a part of your family and It will definitely give you peace.

  11. tharashaji

    Beautiful pot and the plant was fresh looking. Loved it. The plant although has been shedding leaves since the purchase. I hope it recovers.

  12. parul singh

    After using it for almost a month I am writing this revuew.It’s great for your desk/home decor and looks cool if placed with other decor items. Quality wise it’s good it’s still looks fresh.

  13. Kanu priya

    Bought this plant last week and it’s really nice now.. 🙂

  14. SATISH

    Very Beautiful Plant

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