Radermachera Bonsai Plant with Imported Pot and Tray

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Bring home a plant with glossy green leaves and a rapid growth rate. Radermachera plant is an excellent choice if you like green plants as it will outshine other features in your home. It thrives in a warm climate, making it an ideal indoor plant. It is easy to care for and has an appealing charm.

details & care
  • Water:               Moderate
  • Light:                 Moderate
  • Air Purifying:      No
  • Pet Friendly:       No
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Radermachera Bonsai Plant, and Care Guide

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Radermachera Bonsai Plant

China Doll Plants are a wonderful evergreen houseplant that is native to China and Taiwan. It has smooth, medium to dark green leaves that almost appear greasy. The leaves are divided into leaflets and are generally slender and pale in appearance. The flowers are white. However, they don’t blossom very often in the house.

It’s an attractive plant that’s grown highly popular due to how well it tolerates the warm, low-humidity air of the modern home. If grown in bright light with constantly moist soil and nipped back frequently, a China Doll makes a charming houseplant with its soft, delicate leaves.

This plant does well in warm climates and makes a lovely addition to any indoor garden. You can place these beauties on the table tops, center tables, side tables, and porches, and they will steal the attention quickly.

Caring Tips

  • Plants should be kept in a medium-light environment, away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can harm the delicate leaves.
  • Try to maintain the moisture of the plant.
  • Avoid overwatering at all costs.
  • Allowing your radermachera bonsai plants to stand in water is not a good idea.
  • Your china doll bonsai pot or container should have a drainage hole.
  • Clip off the unhealthy and dead leaves and stems on a regular basis.
  • You can repot your plant every 2-3 years once the plant outgrows the existing pot.
  • Do not feed your plant with chemical fertilizers as it can affect growth.
  • It does not tolerate frost climates.

Growing Instructions for Radermachera Plant

  • It thrives in indirect sunlight.
  • Water your china doll bonsai when the top layer of soil is dry.
  • Feed your emerald bonsai plant once or twice during the growing season.
  • This radermachera bonsai prefers well-drained potting soil for better growth and development.

Additional information

Plant Name

Radermachera Bonsai Plant

Common Name

China Doll Plant, Emerald Plant



Native Area

Mountainous regions of southern China and Taiwan

Size of the plant

4 to 6 feet

Plant Placement

Indoors or Outdoors


Low, Beginner-friendly