Radermachera Indoor Bonsai Plant
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Radermachera Indoor Bonsai Plant


  • Fully Indoor Plant
  • Best for living room and Dinning Table
  • Also called emerald tree
  • Big green leaves gives a beautiful look to your home.
  • Pretty hardy and very easy to care plant.
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The china doll plant is a fairly recent houseplant, having only been introduced since the early 1980s. It’s a fairly compact plant that has became very popular due to how tolerant it is of the warm, low-humidity air of most modern homes.

It has medium to dark green glossy leaves that almost look a bit oily. The leaves are divided into separate leaflets and are generally thin and delicate looking.

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Abana Homes


Pot Material


Plant Age

4 Years

Plant Size

20 cm

1 review for Radermachera Indoor Bonsai Plant

  1. Geetha Shetty (verified owner)

    Today I received the plant and am so happy to see a healthy plant . packing was perfect…thank you abana homes !

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